Freedom with Adam C. Hall

Freedom with Adam C. Hall September 9, 2013

548051_10151197419323961_269372807_n  Free me now from the prison of my fears!

How does a sail boat move forward with out the wind or a motor? It rides the current. If you are the boat and the winds of life have ripped your sails apart and you have run out of fuel in the tank, then fear not. Riding the ebb and flow of life can and will propel your life forward. At times that ebb and flow can be so subtle, that it may seem as if your standing still, listing from side to side. Some days the current is strong and pushes you along the path to somewhere unknown. There is no know destination and it matters not. The journey itself is all that counts.

Ideally we want to have at our disposal, the sails, motor and  a good tail current to propel our lives to a destiny of our dreams. However the reality of being human is like riding the bow and having  cold sea water splashed on our face. We should and must prepare for any and all things that life on earth may bring.What can you do to, not only prepare for the voyage, but to point your vessel to a place where only dreams are made? Where freedom will ring?

Preparation for anything in life should began with having the provisions and proper equipment that will get you to the destination. That’s the easy part. In sailing the sea’s of life I found that before I set sail on a particular endeavor that I must ensure that I only bring that which I need. U2 wrote a song entitled Walk On. I often remind myself  of one of the lyrics, “all that you bring is all that you can leave behind”. The emotional baggage of guilt, fear, anger, sadness,and lack we packed into the bow of the ship. It weighted me down, slowing my ship to a near crawl. At one point I had accumulated so much baggage my ship nearly sunk to bottomless depths of my being.

As I began to get in touch with the inner environment of my emotions and feelings I heard a question. Who or what can help me off load the baggage? As I sat by the shore one sunny day in Malibu a sail boat appear on the horizon. There was the answer! The vessel was harnessing the wind and current. It moved forward by finding the “sweet spot”, where the boat aligns in near perfect balance with the forces of nature. Riding with wind and current of freedom necessitates that first and foremost that I must forgo “the baggage”. It was shocking to realize just how much stuff I had accumulated in the physical, (belongings) and non-physical (emotions) world. Much of which served no useful purpose other than to in prison my ship in a life not meant to be lived.

As you sail along the seas of life may your journey be sweet and may the wind and current guide you to a place where only dreams are made!

What wisdom can you share that has moved you ship forward in life?

Earth Mantra: I am a vessel of my dreams and today I choose to fulfill my hearts desire.


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