Apologetics January 7, 2022
One of my goals for The Estuary blog centers on featuring a variety of art forms focused on worship. My brother inherited the family talent for drawing, and I can’t carry a tune in a bucket. My lack in those areas convinced me that I wasn’t an artist. But I’ve come to see that art is much broader than drawing and singing. Photography, poetry, pottery, songwriting . . . the creative arts encompass much more than images on a canvas. So you’ll see a variety of art forms scattered throughout the posts here.
Today, I’ve invited Stephanie McIntosh to share her poem Apologetics with us.
I pored over those words you wrote me  

again last night  

and they spoke to me fresh and pierced  

my soul  

like I had soaked in living water.  

This morning, the pages rest—  

fully dry now  

but with rippled spots  

from so much  

cheek-streaming regret,  

and I can’t think of  


besides how sorely I owe you an apology,  

you whose words flow gentle and kind  

despite my ugly but  

apologetic heart.   

I think apologetically now  

about that time  

at the dinner party.  


only wished for my presence with  


but the empty stove mocked me  

and grimy floors beckoned  

and I chose plates  

over the depth of  




I forgot that you’re the way.  

I think apologetically now  

about that time  

on the lake when the ashen clouds  

roared with authority.  


only wanted me to trust  


enough to brave the waves,  

but I  

shied away from you  

and preferred my feet planted  

where I  

felt safe.  

I forgot that you’re the truth.  

I think apologetically now  

about that time  

in the garden.  


only asked that I stay up to talk with  


but my weak flesh betrayed you  

and my heavy eyelids fell  

and I  

surrounded you with deafening silence  

on your darkest night.  

I forgot that you’re the life.  

And I think apologetically now  

about all the times  

I try to carry the weight  

of a world that  





You set me free, too,  


I forget.


Stephanie McIntosh

Stephanie McIntosh writes stories and poems about faith and the human experience. She teaches kindergarten most days, practices woodworking sometimes, and studies at Dallas Theological Seminary in between. Stephanie also holds both a bachelor’s degree in Human Biology and a master’s in Elementary Education from Stanford University. She and her husband share a home in North Carolina with their three children, a usually-empty snickerdoodle jar, and a collection of time-worn hardcovers.
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