Jupiter in retrograde is a great time to break old patterns

Jupiter in retrograde is a great time to break old patterns March 9, 2018


As Jupiter goes retrograde, it is a great time to break old patterns. Many of us can attest to chaos mercury brings when it goes retrograde. Jupiter in retrograde does not have to be like this. Jupiter is the planet of good luck and success. See it already wants us to succeed. Check out Christopher Penczak’s article about Jupiter here. But what happens when this lovely planet goes retrograde?

Jupiter went into retrograde on March 8th and will last until July 10th. You may have already felt some changes in the way that you are looking at your world. This is a time to do soul searching especially when it comes to those pesky patterns that seem to keep repeating.

When I do a reading and it is clear that my client is going through similar situations or experiences, I ask them when are they going to get off the hamster wheel? When are you going to stop repeating those patterns and learn the lesson that the universe is trying to teach you.

“If you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you’ve always got.” 

                    ~ Henry Ford

Jupiter in retrograde is a great time for reflection. Grab a copy of Louise Hayes’s book “You can heal your life” and try the following magickal working.

What you need:

A mirror

A dark lit room

A small white candle (chime will work best for this)

Light the candle so that the flame reflects softly in the mirror. Take a strong, long look in the mirror. Who do you see? More importantly, what do you feel toward this image that you see? State the following, “I love you!” What do you feel? If you have trouble with this, start reading the book by Louise Hayes immediately and follow her suggestions. (What do you have to lose?)

If you could do this and feel love, I commend you! Now look deeper. What are you sabotaging in your life. Remember your New Year’s resolutions? Are you still doing them? Why, or why not?

Take note in a journal and meditate on your findings, then embrace the power of Jupiter in retrograde. This is your moment! This is your time to excel to where you would like to be.



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