Witchcraft for Sale: What to know before you buy!

Witchcraft for Sale: What to know before you buy! June 21, 2019

Witchcraft for sale.

More and more, all kinds of folks are turning to witchcraft for solutions, buying spells and wares with intentions intertwined. After all, desperate times call for desperate measures, right? Whether you are looking for more prosperity, the love of your life or just some clarity, here are some tips to when buying from a witch.

Who are you buying from?

You have seen pics of products. You probably have also seen glam shots of people dressed up as witches or goth. But is that enough to entice you to make your purchase? I sure hope not. Imagery is great but do not let it be your deciding factor. After all a person can stage photography but that says nothing about their authenticity. Check them out! Look on Facebook, not just there business pages but also their personal. Do the two collate? They should to some degree.

I was prompted to write this post because of a Facebook post. They had good information. One of the things they mentioned, was to really look at the life of the witch you would from. Does her life reflect the magick that you want? In other words, should you ask for prosperity from a witch that is being evicted, penniless and is in chaos? Probably not a great idea. I did agree with most of this post except that I would suggest going a little bit deeper.

If the witch that you are checking out is going through a time, look deeper. Much deeper. How are they handling it? Are they giving up? Is it wrecking the rest of their world? Are they negative and spill hate toward themselves or others? Look for the ones that are going through something and are optimistic. The warriors, the healers. The ones who know to get what they want, they may be re-rooted for a time.  This is how magick works. They push forward because they KNOW their magick is working. Also sometimes, things in one’s life, need to be cleared out to make room for the new. This can seem negative when you loose something that you are not ready to loose but then you find out that it paves the way for something better.


For example, recently I had a car accident. It was devastating and my car was totaled. Some could look at that as my protection magick/ward was not working but I would disagree. Yes, my car was totaled, but I walked off without a scratch. My car is very tiny but handled the impact better than one would have ever expected. I could even drive it off safely to get it to a good resting point. Even though, I loved my car, there were things that I missed. Room. Air conditioning, as it never worked right. More comfortable seats. I now have all that in my new car. The universe does not work in the way we might suspect. This is a nice reminder of what you put out, you get. Make sure and choose your words wisely, as they may come to fruit before you are quite ready.

But who are they really?

Do google searches for their name and for their business. What do their reviews look like? If any of us work in the public, we know that customers can be a handful but how does your potential witch handle that? Look for mutual friends or past customers. Do not be afraid to ask what their experience has been. Check out reviews both on yelp, google, Facebook and more.


This is a big one. Back in the 90’s, I belonged to a wonderful coven. One of the first things that they bestowed upon me was that you should never “get rich” from your craft. Whether it be tarot reading to spell work, this rule applies. It is however okay to make a decent living. Now before you take off running with this, realize that not only are you paying for years of experience but also time and effort that went into training. Most spells and witch wares are pieces of Art. It takes time and so much more.

Just like a Crafter selling their crafts, it is most likely never close to how much time they put into the piece. If it appears to be way over priced, walk away no matter how much you want it. You have to see the worth or it will not work its purpose.

All that being said, it is my opinion that it is more than okay to charge for services and wares. Many people seem to have issues with this referring to a time when it was done without money. In that time though, our magick workers, healers and readers were treated respectfully. Their talents were sacred and honored. In return for services, they would be given shelter, food and wares in trade. The barter system still works for many, but most magickal workers are not taken care of by their community as it once was. It is, therefore, in my opinion okay to charge for services and wares. Doing so, is how one survives.


Make sure that the piece you are purchasing is in alignment with your morals and likes. In other words, do not buy something that has animal parts if you are afraid or turned off by that. Your energy will win trump and the spell will not have much of a chance. Sometimes being open will have amazing results, but if you are fighting within yourself about it, it clearly is not for you. On the same token, if you find something that makes you smile and gives you delight every time you glance at it, then it is meant to be yours. You should buy it!


Do not be afraid to ask your potential witch about their experience, training and more. Would you go to just any doctor for a serious illness or do you look for one that perhaps specializes in it? The same should stand true for a reader or witch, when asking for services. I do not think certificates speak volumes of experience but they do give you insight that they are serious. Of course look at the issuer of the certificate and the credentials of such person or organization.

Do and Don’ts when looking for witchcraft for sale.

Once you have found the right person to do your bidding, having some restraint can prove fertile. Here are some dos and don’ts to make the process more effective and enjoyable for both you and your witch.

  1. Do not bark at the price of wares or service. 

    If you do not like the price that is marked, look for another option. There is much work and training to get to the point of creating magick for another. Time and money. Most witches and healers give so much away. It is hard to put a price on their craft. If you do not feel like it is worth it, then maybe it isn’t worth it to you. Keep looking. Remember tho, to not be cheap either. You pay for other things, services and wares. Most Witches that sell things, are doing this as a way to support themselves. If they worked a forty hour job, then they would not have time to create. Remember this.

  2. Do not keep messaging to find out how the spell is working. 

    Many times, one will turn to witchcraft when all else fails. It may be a last hope or a desperate attempt to hold on to something you do not want to let go of. We know this and if you have hired a witch, she should have your best interest at hand. Contact is fine but do not become obsessive. If you message every day, you are taking energy away that could be used for your spell. Know boundaries or you could start to irritate that person doing your bidding. Think of that energy being put into something you are trying to acquire.  Reasonable contact requests should, however, be no problem.

  3. If the spell does not give you the results you wanted, it does not mean the spell did not work. 

    Sometimes the universe has bigger plans for you. It is common for areas of distress to come up when a spell has been done. In Tarot, the death card can seem negative. It is the death of something, a relationship, an era, a situation. When we loose something, we tend to grieve. Sometimes, we get lost in this. The universe will get rid of things, people and situations, to make way for what you do actually want. How many times can you say that you experienced something negative that led you to something extremely positive? Remember that it is all a process.

  4. Have Patience! Spell work does not happen overnight. At least most of the times, it doesn’t. Do not try and rush it or you will be working against it. The universe will have its own time. If you are asking for a love spell and it seems to be taking too long, start working on yourself meanwhile. Carry rose quartz to raise your vibration. Do healing work. Make yourself the best you can be and you will soon start to attract who you are looking for. I did a spell for love. It took almost two years to work but when it did, I got everything I asked for. In that two years, I changed and worked on myself a lot! This helped me to attract the kind of person that I actually wanted to be with. Win, win. Getting the kind of relationship that you want, is so worth the wait. Do not try to rush it. Have faith and know that it will happen.

My Personal Recommendations

Here are some links to witches who sell their craft that I hold the highest regards to. Use your intuition as well but check these out if you are in the market for some magick.

The Celtic Cork

Paul Messerle is the owner of this delightful shop full of authentic spell bottles. He is a Cabot High Priest and artist to boot. I have personally purchased one of his spell bottles and it is awesome. You can feel the intense magick in every bottle.

Darlene Doughty Designs

I am not sure that Darlene considers herself a witch, the vibe is definitely more shamanic. She creates pieces that are incredible and again, you can just feel the energy. Amy makes jewelry and many other magickal pieces. She will happily custom a piece for you.

Coventry Candles

Jackie and Patty bring effective candle magick to your home. I have used their prosperity candle with amazing results. The candles are charged and lovely.

Mickie Mueller Studio

Okay, first of all, I am a huge fan of everything Mickie does. You may see her work in many of the Llewellyn Pagan books you own. She sells much of her work in her Etsy store but also take a look at her YouTube channel as you can see her in action and know that she is very much the real deal.

Blackthorn Hoodoo Blends

A huge fan of Amy Blackthorn as well. She is an established author. Her book, Blackthorn’s Botanical Magic, is amazing! You may remember the review I did last year when the book first came out. If you missed it, you can find it here. I just have to say that I just love everything about this gal. She is strong, funny and a real treat to check out.

Poisoned Apple

This of course is my own shop, but worth mentioning. You can find all kinds of spells and enchantments here. I really like working with folks to do custom orders and teach online as much as possible to make learning what I do reachable to folks not near Salem or witch communities.

Final Note

There are many capable folks out there selling their magick. Do your research and you will be fine.

About Alura Rose
Priestess Alura Rose has spent over 35 years in the study of divination and witchcraft, and is a frequent reader at Enchanted in Salem, MA. Now she steps forward and intertwines her passion for fairy tales with her experience in the craft, leading rituals, teaching workshops and creating magickal art and spells, all based upon Fairy Tales. Alura believes that Fairy Tales hold the secrets of the ancient Goddess tradition and she has become known as "The Fairy Tale Witch." She is a gifted teacher and tarot reader with phenomenal intuition. Alura has also mastered the art of Toe Reading and now introduces her own divination creation, “Fairy Tale Runes.”. To have a seat across from Alura, is to open the book on your own tale and see what magick lies in store for you to discover. You can read more about the author here.

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