Vicki Cessna Reports: Inside the Stunning St. Patrick’s Cathedral

Vicki Cessna Reports: Inside the Stunning St. Patrick’s Cathedral September 27, 2015

Guest post by Vicki Cessna


Ok, so I’m so geeked about this day on sooooo many levels, as a Catholic most of all. as a communications professional. As an American. And as a daughter – but more on that later. 

I’m writing this while sitting inside St. Patrick’s Cathedral at the side altar of St. Elizabeth Ann Seton with a bird’s eye view of the Cathedra where Pope Francis will be sitting. 

I’m just about beside myself with excitement. The Cathedral, having just gone through a major restoration, is stunning. One reporter sitting close by used the word “luminous” and he’s right.
My role is to be a “subject expert.” So far i’ve been able to give a little bit of context to what Vespers means.
After loading buses at the Marriott Marquis in Times Square with our media friends we were led by police escort to our drop-off point and then walked to 50th/Rockfeller Plaza to go through security. Once through security we were able to come inside St. Patrick’s and bask in all it’s newly restored glory.
It gives me goosebumps!!
Right now we’re being treated to prelude music by a host of orchestra players.
Stay tuned!


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