God’s Dear John Letter to the U.S.

God’s Dear John Letter to the U.S. May 31, 2015

letter with quill penDear John and Jane Public,

Honestly, don’t fret over it. I get it. Dear God, I get it.

You’ve found a new god.

Truthfully, I’ve seen this coming for awhile. I tried to deny it. I even tried to change it. (I have to admit, even in all my divine wisdom, I just did not see the whole MLK, contemporary prophet thing not working. But humans, YOU try to figure them out). 

You know, there was a brief time just after 9/11 when I thought we were going to make it. I really thought you finally “got it.” In the midst of that chaos you sought out community. In the midst of anger and fear you united over differences and seemed to be hoping for a greater good.

Good times. Hopeful, even.

It’s OK, I understand why the new god in your life is so appealing.

Sure, it hurts a little, but c’mon, I’m God. Seriously, I’ll be OK.

This new god of yours is all shiny and is promising you “prosperity.” Let’s face it, the certitude of “prosperity” that your new god offers has a particular kind of appeal that the hope of love, peace and grace that I offer you just can’t touch. This new god of yours, he offers you everything without sacrifice (well, without sacrifice on your part; others will pay quite dearly) and, admittedly, I ask a lot of you.

I ask you to lay down your life for the sake of others.

I ask you to love your enemies and to be a servant of all.

Honestly, I get why you want to be with him.

In a lot of ways, it’s better like this for now. This relationship between us hasn’t been very good for me either. Don’t get me wrong, I still love you. You have no idea. But, honestly, you’ve been more of a user of me than a follower of me. I thought Jesus put it about as clearly as possible when he said, “you must turn from your selfish ways, take up your cross, and follow me.”

Seriously, that really is pretty clear, but like I said, “Humans, YOU try to figure them out.”

You post My name on your money and even added Me to your pledge, but every time a child dies of hunger in your nation of plenty, every time a person dies of a curable disease for lack of health insurance, every time you kill people to show them that killing people is wrong, you prove that the god you speak of on your money and in your pledge is not Me.

Did you realize that both corporate profits and the poverty rate are growing? That’s one Hell of a problem – and I’m finally getting the message.

There were lots of tell tale signs. I just love you so much, so I guess I let myself overlook them. Take for instance, until recently it was only the things I created that were considered people, but now the things you’ve created are considered people. (How something as literally heartless as a Corporation can be treated as a person, in all of My infinite knowledge, I will never understand).

I’m not giving up – I’m just giving in a bit, for now.

I love you – so much.

I will keep sending my prophets. You will know them by their love.

If the people you follow are teaching you to hate and fear, to exclude people for any reason, then they are not sent by Me, even if they say they are.

So, when your infatuation with this new god of extremism, nationalism, might-makes-right, and privilege is through using you… I’ll still be here.



My Peace, Love and Grace to you,




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