[INFOGRAPHIC] Reconsidering Retirement

[INFOGRAPHIC] Reconsidering Retirement August 26, 2014

Not ready for retirement? Yeah, most people aren’t these days.

There are two ways you can respond to this realization. One way is to freak out, and scramble to put together some plan that’ll help you get ready. For some that means being intentional about saving and investing better. And with others it means scoping out which of your kids is most likely to take you in late in your life.

The other way is to embrace the reality of not really retiring in the first place. Believe it or not, there’s a biblical precident for working well into your old age.

Check out some of the data, thoughts from Christian leaders, and biblical ideas on retirement and work.



A Letter to My Younger Self

One of God’s great gifts to us is wisdom from those who have walked the road before us. Our elders offer deep insights into navigating the seasons of life, and when we take time to listen, they offer valuable strategies for leading from the soul. One day, with the Lord’s blessing, we will all find ourselves entering a season of retirement, perhaps complete with grand-parenting, and soaking up years of grace.

How will we arrive at those years, and how can we plan now to live well in that season of life? We’ve asked a few friends to help us think forward in this series, A Letter to My Younger Self.

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