About TJP on Patheos

The Jesuit Post is a project of Jesuits in formation, exploring ways to use the web and social media for evangelization.

At our main site, founded Jan. 24, 2012, we regularly post articles written by a staff of more than 50 Jesuits in formation from across the United States and the world, focusing on everything from pop culture to current events to spiritual writing.

Here on our Patheos blog, we have  a team of young Jesuits working to engage more directly in online dialogue. While we post links and excerpts to some of the best content on the main TJP site, our primary focus is on contributing to the web’s best conversations about faith and culture — whether it touches on politics, theology, news about the Church, debates about belief and secularity, or any other topics. For more about what what we’re hoping for, take a look at our first post.

We can be contacted at patheos@thejesuitpost.org.

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And in case you’re wondering:
The opinions of The Jesuit Post contributors and editors found here are their own, and do not constitute official statements of the Society of Jesus or the Church.