A Third Way? Exploring the Church’s Teaching on Homosexuality

A big tent?
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Let me set the scene for you with two examples: 1.  Stanza XXVII from St. John of the Cross’s Spiritual Canticle: There He gave me His breasts, There He taught me the science full of sweetness. And there I gave to Him Myself without reserve; There I promised to be His bride. Without reading too much into this, it’s not hard to imagine that John of the Cross experienced some same-sex attractions.  I’m not saying that John of the Cross was gay. There was no narrative around at … [Read more...]

This Coming Apocalypse

When the Moon Breaks Down

Each generation has had to contend with Biblical ideas about death, judgment and the resulting eternity spent in heaven or hell, but none have yet seen the “day” alluded to in scripture. Millennia have passed as people, from time to time and to varying degrees, worried about the end of the world. Apocalyptic fervor might have spiked at the year 1,000 and again in 2012, but God (not being into numerology) did not come. Life continued. So it is that when anyone becomes convinced that their … [Read more...]

Jesuit Superior General intends to retire

Adolfo Nicolás, Superior General of the Society of Jesus

We've got David Bowie playing on repeat over at TJP.  Ch-ch-ch-ch-Changes! The worldwide head of the Society of Jesus, Fr. Adolfo Nicolás announced this morning that he intends to retire and will call a General Congregation for the Society of Jesus in 2016.  This announcement follows a recent trend of Church leaders whose prayer and discernment have lead them to conclude that the demands of running international organizations requires more energy than they can provide.  You can read more … [Read more...]

Mass Exodus: Why Young People are Leaving Church and Rethinking Faith

David Kinnaman

Half of young Christians say that they have struggled with significant frustrations and doubts about their faith. Six out of ten report that they have dropped out of church altogether. Concerned pastors, befuddled parents, and social scientists are all asking the question: "Why?" … [Read more...]

Becoming Peter, on Betrayal and Faith

Jesus entrusts his flock to St Peter

In an aptly-sad, darkly-hopeful, meditation of an essay over at On Faith, Tim O'Brien confesses his sympathy for Judas. “Yes, that Judas," he writes, "Judas Iscariot. The betrayer. The Lost One. The bad guy who rivals only Satan in the collective Christian imagination." Confession made he turns quickly to the main question: just what is the difference between Judas and Peter? He’s right to ask. These Holy Week readings place precisely that question - and a number of others as well - … [Read more...]

What Martyrdom Means

Fr. Frans by Tony Homsy, S.J.

Editor's Note: A Jesuit, Fr. Frans van de Lugt, S.J., was martyred in Syria one week ago. In an effort to understand what happened and what it means Paddy Gilger, S.J. wrote the following for America Magazine. The beginning of that article is excerpted here.   Fr. Frans van de Lugt, S.J.—who on April 7 was shot in the head, twice, in front of his home in the city of Homs, Syria—had been living under siege for twenty months when, in January, he recorded a video … [Read more...]