Rosario Rodriguez on forgiving her attackers

Rosario Rodriguez on forgiving her attackers May 20, 2015

Rosario Rodriguez
Rosario Rodriguez

I recently interviewed Rosario Rodriguez, a Los Angeles-based Catholic speaker who survived an attempted rape at age 14 and also a shooting at age 31 that nearly killed her.


The bullet from the shooting (a gang initiation) is still lodged in her body and she has to be careful about what she eats, but Rosario now speaks around the country about her experience of healing and forgiveness following her experiences of these violent crimes. Her path to healing from these crimes has included her Catholic faith, her friends, and professional therapy.


If you’re interested in learning more about Rosario’s story, you might enjoy my interview published online today at America, the national Catholic review.


Last week, I had the opportunity to meet Rosario during her visit to the San Francisco bay area for a series of talks, and I know she’ll appreciate whatever people can take from her story to make a positive difference in their own lives.

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