The Living Room Disciple Podcast Is Now Available!

The Living Room Disciple Podcast Is Now Available! March 3, 2023

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The Living Room Disciple Podcast

A Long Time Coming

For a decade now, I’ve had the amazing opportunity to share with people what I’m learning and thinking about in my Apprenticeship to Jesus. Usually, at some point, I’m sitting in my living room chatting with a friend, and just rambling about what the Lord is showing me or how my understanding of scripture is influencing the way I’m living.

Eventually, with age came the ability to listen others instead of constantly speaking, and over time I began to learn how to choose what I would say according to what might serve the person in front of me. It’s been a wonderful growth process of learning how to lean into the spiritual gifting of being a Teacher. Yet, other than through some written materials, I was never sure that what I was doing would grow beyond the boundaries of my home.

The people I spent time with often saw more than I did, though, and they would often say something like, “you know, you should do a podcast”. I mean, seriously, a LOT of people have said that. Almost to the point of it being a joke to me. So many different people over many, many, years.

I never really listened to podcasts, and so I never took that request seriously. Until, that is, I started writing for Patheos.

Something about being given the opportunity for a larger platform awoke something inside me, and I started dreaming.


A Calling

If you’ve read my initial article on Living Room Discipleship (you can see it here), then you’ll already know why I chose to start writing on this platform. Essentially, I wanted to help readers understand the conversations I get to have in my home with those I do life with.

But in preparation for the launch of the Living Room Disciple column here on Patheos, I’d heard again that I should consider having a podcast, and something about that idea just clicked.

Instead of dismissing the idea, I began dreaming. I imagined that I could model for Christians the kinds of conversations I started having only after following Jesus for more than ten years. I started imagining people feeling motivated and equipped to have people in their own homes, and to open up and be vulnerable with their own questions.

Although I do not think any podcast can by the sole catalyst for change in someone’s life, I know the impact of regular media intake in our lives, and I wanted to put something out into the world that would form people more like Jesus.

And so I took a small risk and ran my idea past a friend who does Marketing for a large organization. He not only didn’t laugh, he thought it was so wonderful that he said he would even help! That was just the first of the Lord’s gifts to me along the way, as over and over again people came alongside me in order to fulfill one primary vision:

We desire to help Christians ask themselves “How am I being formed by the world around me?”

The question will take a lifetime to answer, and so we’re excited to get to work.


So Check Us Out

And so, we are so excited to introduce you all to the Living Room Disciple Podcast, where myself ( Phillip Snyder) and my dear friend Nick O’Brien ask ourselves, and guests, questions around our spiritual formation, and share our journey of Apprenticeship to Jesus with listeners.

This podcast is available on the following platforms.


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Welcome to the Living Room Disciple, where discipleship finds a home.

About Phillip Snyder
Phillip Snyder is a home church pastor in Central Florida and a Training & Development Consultant. He is on the wonderful and (sometimes) terrifying journey of following Jesus. Through marriage and parenting, teaching and pastoring, failing and repenting. You can read more about the author here.

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