The New Pro-Life Movement Has A Role In The Resistance

The New Pro-Life Movement Has A Role In The Resistance January 23, 2017

So I took some time off from writing, but I’m back now.

And boy, has a lot happened since I signed off—much of which I’m sure I’ll touch on in the coming weeks. But for now, I want to talk about what’s happening with the New Pro-Life Movement and our role in the coming years under President (excuse me for a second……) Trump.

Moving forward, one of my big visions for NPLM is for us to act as an ideological bridge between multiple, intersectional factions. We certainly can’t claim ownership over our governing philosophy, but we can create unity between the various, alternative pro-life factions (such as Life Matters, New Wave Feminists, Secular Pro-Life, and Democrats for Life) to create one loud, collective voice that speaks out for human dignity and against any effort that seeks to diminish it.

And this voice will become increasingly important over the next few years. Because after watching the Women’s March, I came to two conclusions.

1: There will be a distinct and vocal progressive resistance against the Trump regime administration.

2: The New Pro-Life Movement, and all its affiliates, must be a part of it, lest we be drowned out and left behind.

Make no mistake. If this resistance continues with its current momentum, it will win. Not only are they motivated, but key figures like Bernie Sanders have been working HARD to organize at the state level across the country. The left is gearing up for war, which, for a progressive like myself, is about 98% awesome. The problem is that the other progressives leading this fight are rabidly pro-abortion, and they’ve made it clear that anti-abortion ideology (no matter what form it takes) has no place in their movement.

Now, that’s bothersome enough of the surface. But on a deeper level, it presents a serious issue to those of us that don’t fall in line with the mainstream pro-life movement.

See, the Old Pro-Life Movement (or OPLM) pretty much sold its soul to the Trump regime administration. And they sold out hard (which makes the fact that the new White House website doesn’t even mention abortion all the more funny, or sad depending on how you look at it).

For all intents and purposes, the pro-life movement as the world knows it is solidly aligned with Trump. Which means it will crumble when he does, and any remaining sense of integrity will go with it.

There must be a unified voice in this resistance that not only stands up for the rights of the poor, minorities, and immigrants, but for the unborn and elderly as well.

Our survival as a movement depends on it.

So I want to offer this challenge: get loud.

Whether this resistance wants us or not, we stand solidly against Trump, and will fight on their side.

We will fight for healthcare and education. We will fight for an end to systemic racism and xenophobia. We will fight for the rights of immigrants, minorities, homosexuals, and citizens of all religious backgrounds. We will fight against nationalism and white supremacy.  We will fight to protect our environment and our workers from exploitation and corporatism.

We will fight, hard, for the rights of women. We will fight for equal pay and equal justice under the law. We will fight against sexism, against rape culture, against sexual abuse, and against “locker room talk.”

But we will also fight for the rights of the unborn. We will fight for a society that protects and sustains life from conception to natural death.

And we refuse to abandon one for the other.

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