Third Sunday of OT

Third Sunday of OT January 22, 2018

Whoops, sorry for missing a day, super busy finishing up my school work for the week!

This week, we hear from the Gospel of Mark 1:14-20. This is the call of the fishermen to follow the Lord. The first point that I would like to make upon reflecting on this Gospel comes from the Magnificat in the Gospel of Luke; specifically, “He has cast down the mighty from their thrones, and has lifted up the lowly.” In a true expression of fulfilling prophetic portions of Sacred Scripture, Jesus once again shows us how he wants us to act and be. Our blesséd Lord asks us to be as little children (“Let the children come”). Why children? Because they are meek and humble. It is the same expression that Christ comes to us in the form of a precious Child, vulnerable and weak, the God-King made Man. The Lord calls fishermen; Simon and Andrew, James and John to follow Him. These men are not the highest on the totem pole as they say (fishermen were stinky, dirty men who didn’t make a fortune). And yet, the Lord calls these men to not only follow Him, but later on, He gives them the authority to keep and tend to His Church. How does this affect us? It affects us by the sin of our own Pride. Do we have the strength to cast down our nets and follow the Lord without question. The prideful person would (understandably so) ask a ton of questions before he or she would follow such a radical Man in such a radical way as to leave everything. House and home, father and brother, wife and daughter. Most of our generation makes things way too complicated and we lose sight of the simple telos (the end goal) . . . that is salvation. Christ calls us to be as little children because little children have a way of innocent simplicity that makes them the perfect candidates for entering the Kingdom of Heaven. When did life become so complicated (as we would say upon reaching maturity)? We are called to follow with open hearts, the King of the Universe. There is no other way for us to do that, unless we humble ourselves and stand vulnerable before Him who is the Just Judge. Far too often are we off-put by the trappings of simplicity and blind-faith. This reminds me of the man who left the Lord in silence because He did not want to give up his riches. How many of us are willing to make such a bold stance? But isn’t that what being a believer in Christ means? To stand boldly in the modern world and profess the Faith. Isn’t this what the early Christians did in the face of persecution? Isn’t this what our brothers and sisters in the middle east do now? There are Christians dying for their faith and yet we as millennials in the western world are too afraid to even stand up for Truth in the face of modernism.

Why don’t we stand boldly? Why not? Because we will be outcast and shunned? Who cares!? This world, though beautiful and good, is nothing in comparison to the beatific vision of God on the Throne of Heaven. Let us strive toward that. A perfect example of the boldness is the March for Life that was just held in D.C. this past weekend. You know, it is very telling about these young people of faith on this trip that they are some of the most respectful and upstanding citizens who treat everyone with love. Imagine if every one of use were to truly practice our faith . . . imagine the world that we could live in. This is the beauty of young Catholics living their faith.

~John Paul


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