The Author – John Paul Gaston

I am a young millennial of faith (and by young, I mean young. So much so that it is difficult to tell if I am a millennial or a gen z, I am right on the cusp) who seeks the salvation of souls. I hold a B.A. in Philosophy from Duquesne University and I am currently working on my M.A. in Theology at Franciscan University of Steubenville. One day, it is my hope that I can continue to teach the faith in a university or maybe even in a seminary!

I work at two parishes in South-Western Pennsylvania in the Diocese of Pittsburgh as an RCIA Director. I am also an organist at a Methodist community. God has truly blessed me with great jobs and a good life.

This is really my first time running a blog so bear with me as I learn all of the ins and outs. I hope that you enjoy your time here!