Entering the New

Entering the New August 10, 2018

I cannot help but apologize for the long time that it took for me to get everything up and running on Patheos, but here we are and I am excited to begin! That being said, I feel like there are a ton of new topics for me to explore on this new venue so I will be brainstorming this weekend. I hope to have my first official post up sometime next week for you all to read. I don’t think that I will be doing anything controversial . . . yet!

I do want to take the quick opportunity to say this about something that is occurring in my own home, the Diocese of Pittsburgh. As I am sure that some of you are aware, there is the PA Grand Jury Report of sexual abuse victims being released and that there are major splashes happening all across the country currently. I am not going to state anything about the report or how I feel about it, but I do want to take this time to seek a renewal of prayer for all of the victims as well as for the others around them that have been affected. There is no excuse for what happened that could be offered that will ever exonerate those involved for their crimes, but I do want to offer condolences as well as prayers for those affected. I pray that you find the solace needed. The report should be released by August 14th and so everyone will be watching to see what happens after.

Jesus loves you.

Mary loves you.

We, the laypeople of the Church, love you.

God bless you and the Peace of Christ be with you.

John Paul

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