Start from the Beginning

Start from the Beginning January 8, 2018

I believe that in every man’s lifetime, there comes a moment in which he contemplates how he is to ascend to greatness. For me, it was to become an extremely powerful person that had great influence over many people. I had thought that was what I wanted for the longest time, but then something happened; I experienced a humbling of my heart and I changed to my very core. This wasn’t necessarily done in a day; rather, it was done over the course of my life as a counter-balance to my desire for power. I was reminded constantly by God through thick and thin that I was not the one in charge of my life; rather, He was. Sure, I have free will and I could act upon it, but when I chose to act against His Will, I suffered greatly. Eventually after many years, I finally said, “God, do with me what You will.” It was in this moment that I rejected that worldly desire for earthly glory and I found my joy in something far beyond the grasp of my imagination; Jesus Christ, the King of the Universe.

So that leads me to the creation of this website. I think that the problem we find in our current age is that  millennials all find themselves in the same predicament that I was in. Millennials aspire to greatness, but it is not greatness in Christ, it is greatness in the world. I was fortunate enough that I was raised to always fall on my faith and it benefited me greatly. My faith saved me and I was able to see beyond what was in front of me. I came to the realization that the only thing that I want in life is to obtain Sainthood. But the question then arises about those millennials who were not raised with a strong faith, or who had no opportunity to find Christ as I did. What happened to those who were marginalized by the sins of the human church and those who were failed in their catechesis? What has happened to our generation? I could feel something call me. I felt the Lord tugging on my heart to step out from my own focus on Sainthood and help my fellow brothers and sisters along the way. Isn’t that we are supposed to do as Baptized and Confirmed Catholics? So after many months of pondering this, I have decided to launch this website. I want The Millennial Crusader to become a place that millennials can gather, share their stories and faith, and work together for Sainthood. I will try my very best to write and teach what I know and walk with anyone who needs help. I want to be a fellow member of the flock following the Good Shepherd.

And with that, I welcome you to the The Millennial Crusader and I pray that we can achieve Heaven together!

~John Paul

Ps. If you feel so inclined, please feel free to donate to the site (I am trying to save for a new laptop, as well as generating ads). God bless you!

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