A New Parable of the Good Daughter

A New Parable of the Good Daughter February 22, 2016

As Jesus was s

Pixabay: CC0 Public Domain
Pixabay: CC0 Public Domain

haring the love and generosity of the Divine with those gathered around him, a group of Pastors and Elders from local churches heard what he was doing, so they came by to demanded his credentials.

As they approached, they tried to shout Jesus down and cause the crowd to turn against him, “What Seminary did you attend? Give us the names of your Professors. What theological tradition do you follow? What Denomination are you ordained with? Which Denomination holds your papers? Show us your paper work, proving you’re qualified to preach.” Jesus smiled and kept talking with those around him about the amazing love of the Divine. But the Pastors and Elders wouldn’t stop asking for his credentials. Finally, Jesus stopped and looked at them and said, “Really? You want proof? I tell you want, I’ll ask you a simple little question, and if you answer it for me I’ll gladly tell you what you desire to know; deal?”

The Pastor and Elders looked at each other and agreed, “Deal” they said. So, Jesus sat down on the steps in front of a house and said, “Let’s start with a little background information. Do you remember John, that guy who went around baptizing people in the river?”

They looked at him and said, “Sure, we remember John.” “Perfect.” Jesus replied. “Since you remember John, let me ask you the question, ‘Where did John get his authority?’ What Denomination gave him permission to speak, or was it the Divine?”

They looked at each other and darted off around the other side of the house to talk over the possibilities.

“If we say John received permission from a particular Denomination, we are going to be in hot water with those who are not part of that particular Denomination. Everyone sees John as a great voice of the Divine, no matter their particular Denomination.” said one group of Elders and Pastors. Another group said, “If we say that John received permission from the Divine, Jesus will say something like, ‘Than why are you questioning me?’ No matter how we answer this question, we’re screwed.” After a few minutes, they came back from around the house, Jesus was laughing with those around him. Jesus welcomed them back with a hug, and kind words. Jesus looked at them and asked if they could answer his question. They looked at each other and answered the question as any good Pastors or Elder would, they said, “We’re not sure.”

Jesus smiled, and sitting back on the steps said, “There you go; now I don’t have to answer your questions.” The Pastors and Elders looked confused. Jesus started to laugh because he understand their confusion. The Pastors and Elders were not happy about Jesus laughing, so Jesus said, “Let me see if I can help you figure this out.”

So, Jesus told a story, “There was a hard working single Mom with two children, an older Son and a younger Daughter. One day, the Mother was running late for a Doctor’s appointment, but she needed to open her store. She looked at her Daughter and said, ‘Honey, I’m running late for my Doctor’s appointment, can you please run over and open the store?’ The Daughter looked at her and said, ‘No, I don’t want to. I have other things to do.’ The Mother was disappointed, so she turned to her Son and said, ‘I have to run to the Doctor, can you please open the store.’ The Son replied, “Sure Mom, I got this. Don’t worry.” But the Son didn’t go and open the store, he just went back to playing his video games. Soon, the Daughter started to rethink what she told her Mother. She decided to grab the keys, head over to the store, and open it for her Mother.” Jesus looked at the Pastors and Elders, and he noticed the confusion on their faces. Jesus smiled, and added, “The question becomes, which of her children did the right thing?”

The Pastors and Elders thought about it for a few seconds and answered, “The Daughter.” Jesus looked at them and said, “Perfect answer; it was the Daughter. She did what the Mother asked, even thou she refused at first. You see, the Divine is more concerned with those society has pushed to the margins, the hurting, the homeless, the broken, the misguided, those you wouldn’t touch to save your life. In fact, I will tell you right now; those people will be in the presences of the Divine long before you. You see, John came to make a path for me, kind of set my journey out on an open road. You didn’t believe in him, you still can‘t figure out who he was, or who sent him, or even why it matters. But these people, the hurting, the homeless, the broke, the misguided, the marginalized, people you would not even give the time of day, knew John and who sent him; they are the Daughter, doing what the Divine asks of them, even though they refused at first. You simply ignored the Divine, and play your games. Incase you’re wondering, you’re the Son. You were asked by the Divine to care for these, and you told the Divine you would, but you don’t.”

Based on Matthew 21:23–32


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