Making Love Personal

What if, you read 1 Corinthians 13 in a very unusual way? What if, it was written to be focused on YOU, and filled with questions – would it make reading it easier, or would it upset those who are more concerned with “tradition” and less about the message? [Read more…]

Feed People!

I figure if you’re sending time thinking about how this idea will not work, or how complex the problem is, you have no desire to help feed the hungry anyway, so what does it matter? [Read more…]

Many Misunderstand the Concept of Tolerance

Saying others must accept your views, or they’re being intolerant, is simply a complete misunderstanding of the concept of tolerance. [Read more…]

Dehumanizing Others, Dehumanizes Ourselves

When we dehumanize others, we place ourselves right smack in the middle of proclaiming our own dehumanization; the qualities we use to dehumanize others, are the same qualities that prove our own dehumanization. [Read more…]

Here Are Some Things We Should Give-up For Lent

While trying to answer those question, here’s a list of things, I believe, we should give-up for Lent: [Read more…]

No One Is Unlovable

This is a quote we all need to live by. [Read more…]

Immigration In America

Please read the entire article before commenting – it might be an emotional read, you might be suprised. [Read more…]

How Can We Reach Young Families?

Whenever I’m asked those How questions I usually answer with my Why questions,… [Read more…]

Loving Others is NEVER Political

Loving others, caring for other, being a voice for the marginalized, is never political. To make any of them a political issue is to discount the value of human life, in favor of a self-centered nature. [Read more…]

We Are Called to Resist

Was John the Baptist resisting authority when he publicly scolded King Herod for his infidelity?
Was Peter, and the other Apostles, resisting authority when they refused to stop preaching? [Read more…]