How the Conservative Cultural Christian sees Jesus: Soon a lot of people from the nearby villages walked around the lake to where Jesus was. When he saw them coming, he was overcome with anger seeing all those slackers not working. He tried to ignore them, but they wouldn’t leave. He knew they were there to be takers, and not contributors. Toward evening the disciples approached him. “We’re out in the country and it’s getting late. Let’s get these slackers out… Read more

As Americans we have allowed violence and abuse to become normalized in our culture. We speak of being a Christian Nation, with no visible evidence of being such. We’ve closed our hearts to the horrors of war, mass shootings, the abuse of women and the killing of our children. We embrace cruelty, and our actions towards the least of these, has shown we’re unable to truly grasp the Read more

So this is Christmas and what have you done? Another year over and a new one just begun. [John Lennon] A Question Worth Answering. Read more

I’ve spent years studying and considering the nature, function, and future of the Church. While some see no future for the church, I have hope: granted, that hope is small. I’ve written five books centering on what the Church needs to do to move forward. While they’ve been widely read by people in the Church, they’ve fallen empty on the ears of the hierarchical structure of the Institutional Church: they have no desire to listen. They actually see nothing wrong… Read more

Who is welcomed at your table? Read more

When I look into the Collective Narrative, when I open my heart to the Divine, there are actions, ideas, I will not allow to exist, to occur, or to tolerate in any way, shape of form. Read more

Over our 241 year history, the USA have been at war for 219 of those years, or just about 91% of the time. Some might argue, many of those wars were Just Wars. A Just War? From whose point of view? Read more

Followers of Jesus think, “Let’s get out from behind these walls, ready to get messy, live dangerously, and help those in our community who need help” Read more

When we meet someone for the first time, we need to be open to falling in love with them; no matter who they are. Because when we do, we are willing to go to the extreme, get messy, helping them. Read more

I fear the idea of a Christian Nation. Why? Because, at no point in history, has making Christianity the Official Religion of any place, shown positive results. Read more

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