The Parable of the Greedy CEO

The Parable of the Greedy CEO February 27, 2016

greed3After speaking to a large crowd for a long time, Jesus was looking forward to just kicking back and relaxing, when someone from the back of the crowd shouted, “Jesus, tell my greedy brother to give me more of what our father left to the family.”

Jesus looked at the man as said, “Really? Really? You want me to get involved in your petty little greed-fest? Who do you think is being greedy, you for wanting more, or your brother for giving less? The reality is, you’re both greedy, and the smallest amount of greed will never bring you closer to the Divine.”

Turning back to the crowd that was still there, Jesus said, “Everyone listen carefully, because what I’m about to tell you is so very important. To understand your life, and the Divine in your life, you need to close your heart to greed; all forms of greed. It’s so not healthy to define your life based on what you own, or think you own, or want to own, or wanting what others own. Greed is the poorest way of defining your life. Even the least bit, the smallest amount, of greed will control you and bring you down in the end. Life’s so much more than things, even when you have a great many things.”

“Let me share with you a story: There was this greedy CEO of a major Corporation who received a huge salary and bonuses based on how much the Corporation made in profit that year; the more the Corporation made, the bigger his bonus. Over the past years he did all he could to maximize profit, increase his bonus. He started paying workers lower wages while laying off many of the longtime employees; he closed local plants while opening plants in other countries where he could pay workers even less; he cut the quality of the product while increasing productivity requirements on those who were left; he used every tax loophole he could to save money while moving profits overseas and hiding assets. He thought to himself, ‘If I only had more money, I could do so many things I have always wanted to do; I’d be so much happier If I only had more. How can I increase the profits to the Corporation so I can make a huge bonus at the end of this year?’ After spending all day, into the evening, thinking of ways, it hit him – Inversion. He would re-incorporate the company overseas in order to cut the tax burden on Corporate profits. This would allow the Corporation to save hundreds of millions in tax liabilities and pad his pocket with a multi-million-dollar bonus, and the Stockholders would be happy with a large dividend; everyone would be happy, except the workers.’ He looked into the mirror and smiled, ‘I will have so much more money and live the life I always wanted without all this pressure.’ He was excited, because he would finally live a better life.”

“It was late, and he was tired. Before going to bed he emailed several people to get the ball rolling. As he started to fall asleep he heard the voice of the Divine, ‘You’re such a jerk, tonight is your last night on earth. Now, ask yourself who will get that fat bonus check?’

This is what happens when you live your life for greed; you’re always pushing for more things, thinking things will make happy. But all it does is make you miss out on living, on helping others. You keep saying to yourself, ‘Only if I just had a little more I would be happier.’ Never once realizing that a simple life is better. When you fill your life with things, you have no room for the Divine. Dump the things and make room for the Divine.”

Based on Luke 12:13-

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  • FiveCentFather

    I’m really enjoying the series of modern-day retellings of the parables. Keep it up.

  • FiveCentFather

    I’m really enjoying the series of modern-day retellings of the parables. Keep it up.