A Spirit of Unity

A Spirit of Unity March 15, 2016

NEW-TNJ-22.fwOne of the most disgusting things coming to light in this election cycle is how divided we are as people. Now, I’m not naïve, I don’t live in a dream world were everything is rosy. I know we’ve been divided for long time, but this election cycle has brought to life the bitter inner demon of separation; this inner demon is always expressed with violence and insults. People shouting “Go back to Africa” or “Go to F*#king Auschwitz” is unacceptable, and expresses anger is a way that can never be taken back. Without opening the Godwin’s Law can of worms, we have degraded as a people and lost our way.

I don’t believe in the “melting pot” mindset. Melting us together removes our individuality, and the heat and pressure needed to cause a true melting together will cause more damage. I see us as a “stew.” A pot where different ingredients are added, each holding their own flavor, each identifiable, and yet together the flavors come to life and are balanced.

We need to ask:

Can we find our way to unity?

Do we desire to find our way to unity?

I can’t, or won’t, answer those questions for all, but for me, I believe we can, and I believe we desire to, find unity. When we live with a spirit on disunity, we’re not living in the Spirit of the Divine. In his letter to the Philippians, Paul writes, “Your courage and unity will show them what they’re up against: defeat for them, victory for you—and both because of God.” People claiming to walk with the teachings of Christ cannot stand in disunity; we MUST stand for unity. When we stand for unity, people will know that we are a people different, and not driven by culture. Any person who calls us to be divided, is not speaking the truth of Christ – they are seeking to divide. The Spirit of the Divine is a Spirit of Unity. Marginalizing people based on appearance, race, culture, gender, ethnic identity, class, sexuality, or religion simply means you don’t understand the Spirit of the Divine.

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