Hearing Voices

Hearing Voices July 11, 2016
(c) john c o'keefe - use as you desire
(c) john c o’keefe – use as you desire

I desire to hear other voices – all other voices. To suggest other voices cannot be heard over what some call “The Cannon” defies that reality. I believe it limits the power, and grace of the Divine. It seems to ignore the reality that there are other voices who wrote other parts of our Collective Narrative; some in the past, others today, and still others in the future.

Claiming the Collective Narrative is a “closed book” – means no other writings, no other voices, can be heard today, and I’m uncomfortable with that idea. When I hear that, I hear people saying only the voices of males living 2,000 years ago can lead us to the understanding of how we’re to interact with others; I just find that crazy. By holding to the idea that no other voices can be heard negates the power of the Divine to work through people today. If you claim that “the book is closed” you are saying that the Divine is no longer speaking – and to be honest with you, I see, and hear, the voice of the Divine all around me. In voices like Mother Teresa, Martian Luther King, and so many more – of all faiths, and of no particular faith.

In my faith journey I have found that those who which to keep the Collective Narrative closed, are those seeking to control – and not set us free in the Divine.

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