So, You Want To See Change?

So, You Want To See Change? November 15, 2016


I created this - use as you desire
I created this – use as you desire

Do you want to see minds, and hearts, change? Reach out in love to someone different today:

Someone of a different religion;
Someone of a different ethnic background;
Someone of a different age;
Someone of a different economic status;
Someone of different abilities;
Someone of a different political point of view;
Someone of a different sexual orientation;
Someone very different from you.

When we reach out beyond our limited understanding of the world around us, we’re able to see people for who they are, and not what others tell us they must be. We should not reach out to change them, or tell them they’re wrong; but in reaching out, we may change, or come to the understanding that our limited point of view was wrong; and that can be scary.

When we truly, in honest love, seek to know another, we experience their understanding of the world around them, through their eyes – even if that view is limited on our end, it’s a start. It’s when we enclose ourselves in the prison of our own life experiences we ignore those who are different, we even fear them. We start to see them as our enemies, because they’re different, and we have fooled ourselves into thinking ‘different is bad.’ But, when we’re willing to open our prison door, and seek to connect with others who are different, we start to think differently; we see the world differently.

We find we hold in common the same wishes, and desires. We find, we all desire – to be loved for who we are, to be understood, to be accepted, to feel wanted, to be seen as equal, to live a life filled with peace, love, grace, justice, and happiness, in a world seeking to do us harm.

It’s only when we break out of the prison which separate us, divide us, classify us, disconnect us from each other, we truly experience the love the Divine shares with us concerning all humanity. Our desire to connect with others should never be to change them, but to experience the world from their point of view – in that, we both might be changed. When we open our hearts to those we see as different, we find connections to our sameness, we truly experience love.

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