Beging a Dangerous Church

Beging a Dangerous Church April 1, 2017

A-PATHEOS-TNJ-83.fwI’m a firm believer that we are called to reach out, and with love, to embrace the dirty [the lepers], the hard [the shepherds]; those with the sharp-edges of live sticking out all over them [the merchant]; those screaming as they’re pushed to the side, seeking only to be wanted [the tax collector]. It’s unfortunate that may in a safe church don’t see it this way, and yes, it should break all our hearts. If you come across others in a church who don’t believe we’re called to care for the hurting in our community, walk away from them. They’ll draw you into their idea of a safe and comfort church, living safe, and comfortable life; a life of compliancy, rejection, religion. They’re seeking self-comfort, and not the messy life of a follower of Christ. You see, Jesus does not call us to be part of a safe church. He does call us to be part of a dangerous church, reaching out past our safety, and into the messy lives of others – and always remembering, our lives are just as messy.

Share the ways your church is a dangerous church in the comments below.

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