Reengineering Society: Is Critical Race Theory Aiming for Our Children?

Reengineering Society: Is Critical Race Theory Aiming for Our Children? July 7, 2021

On 6-26-2021 I spoke with Dr. Harry Edwards and Dr. Jacob Daniel on the use of Critical Race Theory in our K-12 public schools. The live interview took place at the KKLA studios in Glendale, CA on the radio show:

Is Critical Race Theory Coming to A School Near You?



In this discussion we talk about:

  • the new social justice “Diversity, Identity, Justice and Action” curriculum being introduced into the California State K-12 curriculum.
  • the history of Critical Theory and Critical Race Theory
  • whether Critical Race Theory is compatible with Christian theology
  • the need for parents to get involved in public school education
  • the inverse effects on the race discussion that CRT is having in our culture

*This discussion represents various viewpoints most of which I agree with but are obviously not identical to my own

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