The Embattled Church: Sinners, Saints and Charlatans

The Embattled Church: Sinners, Saints and Charlatans October 13, 2021

Christians worldwide have been devastated recently by many high-profile falls from grace. Revelations of gross moral failure and egregious sin by some luminaries of Christian ministry have abounded. Hypocrisies by evangelists like Ravi Zacharias, spiritual gurus like Jean Vanier or large-scale cover ups like those of Roman Catholic priests provide ample grounds for skeptics to attack the foundations of Christianity itself.

Of course, such hypocrisy is by no means new, and the biblical authors saw it in their own times. However, when glaring moral failures occur under the banner of Christ, the atheist, agnostic or “none” in any given culture is justified in calling into question the beliefs held by people who claim the same identity as those who used their spiritual authority for evil.

In this episode of Apologetics Radio I discuss with Dr. Harry Edwards and Dr. Jacob Daniel this argument from hypocrisy against the Christian faith. We look specifically at Chapter 10 of C.S. Lewis’ classic Mere Christianity, where Lewis takes up the challenge of defending Christianity against both reasonable and unreasonable forms of the argument.


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Born and raised on the South Side of Chicago to a devout and loving Roman Catholic family, I fell away from my childhood faith as a young man. For years I lived a life of my own design-- a life of sin. But, at the age of 34, while serving in the United States Army, I set foot in my first Evangelical church. Hearing the Gospel preached, as if for the first time, I had a powerful, reality-altering experience of Jesus Christ. That day, He called me to Himself and to His service, and I have walked with Him ever since. You can read more about the author here.

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