Tell Me Your Holy Spirit Stories!!!

Tell Me Your Holy Spirit Stories!!! May 29, 2009

With Pentecost coming up this week, the topic of the Holy Spirit working in the story of the Christian seems like a worthy discussion piece.  I did not grow up in a pentecostal or charismatic tradition, but have seen the power of God’s Spirit at work in my own life and in the lives of others.  I believe that the Spirit of God still is at work as he was in the book of Acts.

My interest in this post is simple: How have you seen the power of the Holy Spirit at work in your life?  Have you found yourself surprised by the miraculous power of the Spirit? If so, please share your experiences here (please remember that we want to point our attention to God and not write about our own spiritual elitism!!!).  No experience is too small… lets take this opportunity to share about God’s work in our lives.  If you would like to read about one of my “Holy Spirit Stories” you can click this link.
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  • Hi Kurt,

    Thanks for commenting on my blog at today. I appreciate it.

    I grew up Roman Catholic but did not come to Christ until the age of 17. It was a dramatic conversion experience I still remember nearly 40 years later. The Holy Spirit certainly had a role in drawing me to faith way back then.

    I became a Presbyterian and went into the ministry, serving a Presbyterian Church as a pastor for about 7 years.

    I had an experience I think is referred to as the baptism of the Holy Spirit early in my faith and spoke in tongues. While it still seems kind of ridiculous to me, I find myself spontaneously speaking in tongues routinely.

    I hope this story does not sound like “spiritual elitism”. I don’t feel elite in any sense of the word, however I am aware that there is a giftedness that Jesus imparts to all of us.

    God is good.

    Your Friend in Christ,
    Dave Scriven

    • First let me say that there was NO elitism in your tone… It is great to just hear how God has worked in your life in surprising ways! I had an experience similar to yours that I may comment on some time in the future. I trust that as the Spirit of God gives you this gift that you have been able to grow in him and become more of a contributer to the rest of the body of christ. Thanks and blessings brother!

  • Hi Kurt, I’m sorry I didn’t realize it before, but I just noticed that you’re a follower of my blog. Thanks, I appreciate it. 🙂

    I also appreciate yours, having read a bit of it, and thought I go ahead and respond to your question.

    I grew up with a very poor understanding of the Holy Spirit and how real His work can be in a believers life. I mostly notice His work in me when I discover a new understanding about something I’ve been going through — usually a trial. For example, most recently, I’ve become very thankful for the nature of my relationship with my dad and stepmom, which I was struggling with before. I have a very rocky relationship with my mom, and while I love her, I’m very thankful that my dad doesn’t treat me like my life is supposed to validate his because he’s my parent. I don’t think my mom realizes that’s what she does to me, but it’s caused me to need to put up some boundaries when it comes to my relationship with her, boundaries I don’t need with my dad. The opposite used to be true, for different reasons, and I am so amazed at the way the Holy Spirit has worked in my heart to work through the past and begin to rebuild what used to be an almost non-existent relationship with my dad.

    I think the most amazing thing I ever experienced with the Holy Spirit however was when he taught me that it IS possible to be filled with God’s supernatural joy at the same time as experiencing the worst grief imaginable. That God can hold us and allow us to grieve something as horrible and painful as a friend’s suicide, but still fill our hearts with HIS joy to prevent us from breaking. He understands grief, and He doesn’t try to prevent us from grieving when we need to, but He wants us to know what He can provide for us in the midst of it.

    So yes, and yes, to answer both your questions. Feeling that kind of all encompassing joy at the same time as going through that kind of pain is something that only the Holy Spirit can produce, and it took my breath away. I hope it something I never forget; to this day it’s one of the most defining moments of my relationship with God and has shaped much of it since.


    • Amanda, I am touched by your story. I have had a difficult background with my family as well. My mom and I have not had the best relationship because of my childhood experiences. However, through the pain of it all, your right; the Holy Spirit produces a supernatural joy that can comfort and guide us through the darkest moments of our lives. Grace and Peace to you Amanda, and please feel free to come back and share here again!

  • Jon

    This is another great post!!!

    Holy Spirit stories…for me it was way back in the year 2000 sitting on the trunk of my dad’s car, i had a sort of voice (more like a whisper) say to me that i could let go of the stuff that was holding me back on God. My life was in a down spiral at the time. Somehow i believed it to be God, after all the time being uninterested in anything to do with God.

    But in those few hours, talking with my parents and brother about my experience they talked about committing my life to God and talked about the Holy Spirit. All new stuff to me but somehow i was interested in all of what they were saying to me. But what caught my attention was thins thing they call speaking in tongues.

    So after the sharing and all that, i did not sleep the whole night and thought about all the stuff they shared. So it was approximately 5am on a valentines day that i told them i was ready for this committing stuff and Holy Spirit. So they prayed and all that instant I remember myself speaking in tongues all the way to a course i was attending that morning.

    I have to say that although i don’t entirely agree with some of the things that Charismatics teach, I have to pay homage to the movement that started it all for me.

    I’m somehow transported to that time again right now as i type these!


    • Jon, your story is powerful. Praise God for the movement in which you have your roots. The power of God has truly been unleashed. Now, if we can get their minds around how the power gifts of the spirit are actually signs of a coming new creation… then their theology would be made whole! 🙂 Thanks for sharing and keep on living in the Spirit…pray that i may also do the same!

  • Real

    I grew in a church where after a while I question tongues and healing and things no one believes. I have always taken the stories of the Old Testament as real but I have condition myself to believe it existed then and only then. But after I was touched by the spirit things never been the same. People may not believe me but 2012 day of Pentecost was a transformation to my life. Long story short b4 day of Pentecost i spoke tongue for the first time but I did not feel like I could control my tongue. After day of Pentecost I spoke tongues lay hand on someone and they spoke tongues, fought demons in people houses, confirm a marriage and Jesus just kept confirming to me he is. I admit working spirit is hard there were times I worked fear and confusing and got overwhelming because I worked in that way. I just use this comment not really to tell my story but the impact it had on my life. I feel like I’m in a movie sometimes but spirit confirm Christ is real HE IS COMING SOON and satan is real too. The spirit is a blessing but the spirit shows God is serious and you have a responsibility to work in his will for we are servants firsts.

  • Audrey

    My name is Audrey, and I’m only 15, but these type of things really encourage me, I love to know that there are other people in the world who actually love Jesus for who he really is.

    I would share a “Holy Ghost moment.” But I won’t because I don’t have one. Walking in the Spirit is a lifestyle. It’s something I do daily. I am always flowing in the gifts of the Holy Spirit because my spirit is one with Jesus. And I don’t say this to brag about myself, or about my young annointing. I want to encourage you. I want to brag on my Daddy God because he is supernatural. If we serve a supernatural God, why do we not expect to see the supernatural follow us everywhere we go? I want you to have the relationship God wants to have with you. I want you to walk up to someone in walmart, lay hands on them, and see them healed, because that is the life all of you are called to. How exciting is that? Please don’t wait and beg for another Holy Spirit moment. All you have to so is RECEIVE. Receive your healing, receive forgiveness. Walk in the grace of God and know that every good thing did not come from your strength but from your Father. Receive the strength it takes to walk with power. Go get baptized in the Spirit(not with water, with spiritual fire.) And then live a life full of the supernatural. I love you all, God bless!

    • Audrey

      Also, I want to point out no elitism was intended, I know how it could have been perceived..

      Honestly, I wasn’t planning on commenting that at all. But I guess Jesus needs someone to see that message. And I don’t want my flesh to stand in the way of being the vessel I was called to be. sooo, my apologies to those who were looking for true Holy Spirit moments. I know I didn’t meet your expectations!