Choosing To Trust in Times of Doubt: Sermon (Kurt)

Choosing To Trust in Times of Doubt: Sermon (Kurt) July 26, 2010

Choosing To Trust in Times of Doubt: Sermon (Kurt)

Here is a sermon that I gave this past weekend on the issue of doubt and trust.  It includes be falling off of the stage backwards ;-) Many of you have asked, so I thought I’d share this sermon with all of you!

*PS – I make a comment about ‘stealing’ a tangerine from a field in the talk.  I didn’t steal it per se, because it was a neighbor friend of my grandpa’s and the field was not going to be picked that year.  Just thought I’d throw that in…

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  • Sock

    Without even hearing the sermon yet I want to ask why you felt the need to excuse your (would be) sin of stealing a tangerine? In Christ, we don’t need to make excuses for our past sins because they are forgiven. When we excuse our sin we rob God of glory. He is a God who is so loving, gracious, merciful, and faithful that He forgives all of our past sins. It would have been more God glorifying for you to say God has forgiven me and still uses me even though I have done wrong things like stealing a tangerine. Though I don’t know you personally, I can just guess you have probably had bigger sin than that in your life and hasn’t He forgiven those? God is glorified by forgiving our sins, does that mean we should go out and sin more? Paul would say, “By no means! How can we who died to sin still live in it?” But where sin abounds, grace abounds all the more.

  • MarinePatriot

    I thought you didn’t need to explain the “theft” either, especially since you sort of explained it any way in the sermon…but I bow to the eloquence of the sock… 🙂

    I took many quotes but when it was all over, I felt there was an overwhelming emotion at the end of it all.

    You spoke clearly about the extremes of mountain-top versus valley, doubt versus faith. The story about your grandfather was beautiful (sans the theft…sorry…had to lighten the mood. 🙂 ). I felt this Yin-Yang feel to the whole sermon. Doubt leads to faith. Bring the mountain-top experience to the valley. It was interesting but I was left with a feeling of want. There was no real road-map to lead the people you were preaching to from the mountain to the valley experiences or the doubt to the faith. I didn’t really see where Jesus’ mountain-top aided the man with the honest doubt as he was not there and the disciples that were there didn’t seem to pull from their experience. And I’m really not sure how you would meditate on an experience to help in an immediate situation. I just got a bit lost in it all.

    Thanks for sharing!

    • MarinePatriot

      Hope this helped? Feel like I just waste my time here…

      I hear love and acceptance preached by you and my senior pastor while I see exclusion unless someone agrees with the both of you. My senior pastor is giving long-time members “my way or the highway” in his office and they leave the church all the while preaching that we need to be inclusive and love all. It sounds like you want to build people up but upon further review it looks like you just want people who agree with you. If I listened to only people who agreed with me, I’d begin to think I was perfect…

      I love you Kurt and pray that your words turn to action. Conversations on the bible, theology, and new, emerging philosophies are fun but the world needs to see that Jesus cares for them through the body of Christ, not a reinvention of religion from talking heads.

      • MP… this is sure out of the blue. Just saw your comment. If you are upset, I am unsure why. I cant respond to every comment I get here but I am at a loss for why you said any of this. And yes, I am also praying that my words turn to action… and sometimes, guided by the Spirit, they actually do. I hope that whatever difficulties you may be walking through that God invades your situation with hope and love. blessings

  • Did you really fall off the stage backward? I do believe that trust is not a condition but a choice. Thanks for sharing your sermon.