Share Something Sundays – Tell Me About This Weekend’s Church Gathering (Sept 25, 11)

Share Something Sundays – Tell Me About This Weekend’s Church Gathering (Sept 25, 11) September 25, 2011
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On Sunday afternoons I am going to invite you the readers to share a quick thought from your church experiences this past weekend.


  • Something insightful that challenged you in your life with God.
  • Something hilarious that you heard or saw
  • Something visual that you just had to take a picture of (Disqus comments allow you to upload a picture)
  • Something that gave you a vision of the early church
  • Something that felt contrived or superficial (be careful not to gossip here)
  • Something that made you cry
  • Something unique that could benefit other churches and Christians
  • OR Something completely Random

The following Sunday, I will share my favorite “Shared Something” from the previous post and invite readers to repeat the pattern until it gets old and boring.

So… share something!

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  • Shelly

    This weekend was the YWAM Sweden conference here at Restenas, so we had meetings of worship all weekend! The guest speaker heads up YWAM UK and was really talking about releasing people and encouraging people to follow the dreams God has placed in their heart. Even if they are young, not always prepared or equipped by our standards, but to partner alongside them so that they are set up for success! Another thing that was discussed was how we have 3 sort of worlds we live in- home, work, and other (social). How do we make our social world one that welcomes people of all races and faiths but also leads them to Christ? How do we live missionally (dont know if that is a real word!). Anyway, it was great stuff!! And also I believe some people were healed this weekend too!

  • Sermon on Ecclesiastes 3:1-14. My pastor started to cry during the sermon.

  • Chris Donato

    Today I saw . . . wait for it . . . wait for it . . .

    Word and Sacrament.

  • We live in Northern VA, one of the wealthiest parts of the country, and least affected by recession.  Pastor cried, responding to grief of God he felt in this church’s stinginess compared to the low-income churches he’s worked with before.

  • My wife and I have a worship service and a lunch at a local homeless mission in Oceanside, CA every Sunday morning. There is a little bit of tension sometimes because the mission has rules about who can and cannot be in the building (I sorta understand their position) and I am very open to anyone and everyone. Today, I preached on Mark 3:1-6 and talked about how the Pharisees care more about power and rules than helping someone in need. Then, during lunch I got scolded for taking food outside to someone who was banned from being in the mission. Ironic much?  🙂

  • Stuck at home, we had a lazy (read: restful and invigorating) Sunday after a hard-pushing week of translation. Read 1 Cor 3 together and prayed, then listened to a message I had downloaded from Generation Church in San Diego (north county). Thought we’d be hearing pastor and friend Shawn Beaty, but it was guest speaker Mosaic’s Erwin McManus. Challenging thoughts on being “barbarian” (like scruffy, in-your-face John the Baptist), rather than comfy, institutional and “churchy.” Reminded me of my favorite line from the Narnia books, “He’s not a tame lion.” Not a tame lion, indeed. May we his people not be tame, either!