Jake Davila is a martial artist of 40 years, holding a 5th dan in a Japanese martial tradition. He has contributed to programming for CNN, History Channel and National Geographic. He is a student of world religion and as part of his spiritual journey he was given diksa initiation in the Vaishnava tradition, been a student of Shinto & Buddhism, and is very familiar with the Abrahamic religions, exploring Islam, specifically the mystical Sufi tradition. He is a Perennialist of the Traditionalist School and holds a degree in Biblical Studies & Theology. His approach to spirituality is in line with that of the great mystics of the world’s religious traditions, specifically John of the Cross, Isa Nur ad-Din, Rene Guenon, Julius Evola, Mokichi Okada, and others. He has spoken on a wide variety of spiritual topics for small groups, conferences and on college campuses.