The Perennial Philosophy

The Perennial Philosophy, sometimes referred to as Perennial Wisdom, is a philosophy of spirituality that recognizes a shared metaphysical truth behind all of the religious traditions of the world, and that this truth comes from a common origin. Regardless of the exoteric or esoteric expressions, these truths remain the same.

Those who hold to the Traditionalist expression of this philosophy, such as Jake Davila, do not encourage syncretism or “New Age” thought, but seek to preserve traditional spiritual paths, their rites, teachings and structures, as well as the cultures which gave rise to them. This inevitably leads to discussion of metapolitics as it encounters spirituality. Some of the most well known Traditionalists are
Rene Guenon, Ananda Coomaraswamy, Hossein Nasr and Isa Nur ad-Din.

Traditionalists generally oppose the scientism of modern societies and advocate an “archaeo-futurism”, advocating a society that appreciates and applies pre-modern wisdom, while not jettisoning the good to come from man’s scientific knowledge.