Living from a Higher Vibration

Living from a Higher Vibration March 31, 2013

Physicists are starting to come together around the notion that everything is created from some sort of vibrating energy.  This is how we can get something out of nothing.  Of course, others have known this for centuries.  Countless shamans and spiritual teachers have talked about the need to raise our vibrational rate to that of love and peace, and that when we do that, something new emerges, different from what came before.

It behooves us, then, to ask ourselves – “What is the vibrational rate, or frequency, of our life?”  Fear, anger, distrust are all lower frequencies.  So are negativity, complaint and blame.  When this is our primary conversation and thought pattern, we are definitely contributing to lowering the vibrational rate of our own lives and of those around us.   On the other hand, isn’t it nice to be around people who are energetic, positive, in love with life, and generally happy?  That’s because they are vibrating at a higher rate.  This higher frequency is stimulating, engaging and uplifting.  Love, Enthusiasm, Joy and even a positive sense of Power all cause us to vibrate at a higher rate.

The primary thing to remember is that this vibrational rate is not determined by what’s outside, but by what’s inside.  Neuroscientists tell us that it’s much better not to let ourselves go into those negative states, but rather to keep our mind fixed on the positive, regardless of what’s happening around us.  In this way, we determine what’s going on in our minds.  What we focus on raises, or lowers, our vibrational rate. Thus consciousness is cause.

Now it does seem to help when we not only become a generator of these higher frequencies, but also surround ourselves with people and places that vibrate at a higher rate.  This helps reinforce our own vibration, and we can actually let it lift us higher.  Just like we cannot like outside vibration get us down, we can consciously choose to be around and allow higher vibrations to lift us up.

And there is mounting evidence from science, agreeing with what we’ve known from spirituality all along, that our vibration adds, or subtracts, lifts or lowers, the vibrational rate of the whole.  It’s like an orchestra that’s all in tune and playing together or being drug down by instruments that are out of tune and out of step with the rest.

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