The Global Vision

The Global Vision January 6, 2016

Are you ready for 2016? The New Year, like a lot of situations in our lives, is here – ready or not!

I’m totally jazzed about 2016, particularly from the aspect of the weekly blogs I send to you! Today is the first of 52 Wednesday morning blogs on the many aspects of one very special idea:


I can imagine you might be having numerous reactions to such a statement – I know I did when it was first presented to me early in 2015. I hope you’ll enjoy the journey I’m laying out for you over the coming months. Think of it as my first online course and YOU get to be one of the first participants!

You’re not alone either. Over 100 other spiritual communities worldwide who are members of Centers for Spiritual Living will be participating in their own groups as well. As the year unfolds I’ll be referencing videos and writings of other New Thought leaders in the coming weeks so that you will be able go further in depth with various subjects should you desire to do so. Now you see why I’m so jazzed!

This week’s topic is:

We envision a world that works for everyone and for all of creation.

The first thought that comes to mind for most people is, “But what about…?” It’s a good question and an issue I want to address right at the beginning of this 52-part series we are beginning today. Here’s the way any good vision statement works:  If whatever we are considering doesn’t fit the vision, then we don’t do it. End of discussion, unless someone can come up with a way of going forward without violating the vision.

How would you envision a world like the one described in this week’s topic? What questions come up for you? What objections arise in your own mind?

If you’d like to join the discussion, please make a comment below. Let’s share some ideas. Let’s debate the possibilities. Let’s begin creating a world that works for everyone and for all creation by using the comment section each week to build a community of like-minded people who want to at least consider such a grand and ultimately amazing idea! Join me? Comment below!

In Spirit, Truth and Playfulness,



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