Law of Love

Law of Love August 7, 2013

Love is such a big word.  It covers a gamut of definitions and means something different to most everyone. Used in a Divine context it reflects a way of being that is intended to mirror an attribute of the Divine Power Itself. Perhaps mirror is not as articulate as I would choose, I actually think it uncovers the character of the Universe that has always resided and always will reside just below the surface of our psyches. Love is our natural way of being, and when we are loving in that manner, life flows in a smooth and synchronistic way. It is when we are not that all of the complications charge in and rearrange our otherwise joyous existence.

When humankind learns this, the world will transform. This is the collective consciousness that we at Centers for Spiritual Living have dedicated ourselves to reveal on this magnificent plane that we live on. Sometimes this dedication is frustrating and sometimes it is gratifying, but what it always is, is forward moving. As long as at least some of us on this planet are practicing love this planet will continue to evolve.

I close with a quote from the great soul, Mahatma Ghandi, “Whether mankind will consciously follow the Law of Love, I do not know. But that need not perturb us. The Law will work, just as the Law of Gravitation will work whether we accept it or not. And just as scientists will work wonders out of various applications of the Laws of Nature, even so a man who applies the Law of Love with scientific precision can work greater wonders.”

Know that you are loved.

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