The Blessing of Limitations

The Blessing of Limitations August 3, 2016

Recently I’ve written about having problems as part of experiencing our humanity. I’ve also brought up using disempowerment as a tool of empowering our lives.

Both of these topics have resulted in numerous emails or comments on social media. Most have applauded my stand, but there are a couple of people (in the most severe of criticisms) who think I have no right to be a minister, let alone one who is a religious scientist.

The ones who are fighting about ideas and accusing me in their comments are of no surprise in a world that is tenaciously holding on to ideas that no longer serve our species. The same fear we see today being used to divide our nation and world is the same unnecessary reaction some people may experience to words or ideas held sacrosanct, even though everyone agree “sumpin’ jus’ ain’t right.”

So, in keeping with speaking my mind – even if it stirs the pot – I offer you this week’s blog. Enjoy … or not … but if nothing else I hope it causes you to think about the topic in a new, refreshing and healing way!

With Love,


The Blessing of Limitations

Have you considered seeming limitations in your life as blessings? You may, like I have in the past, seen anything limiting in my life as something to be overcome or dissolved. Is there another way to view limitations?

While you may at first be unwilling to admit it – as was I! – limitations can show up looking like our best friend. How? The limitations to which we give power enable us to get out of an awful lot of situations without question. Instead of having the clarity to say that we don’t want to do something we conveniently find a limitation that we expect to go unchallenged.

“I’d LOVE to go with you,” we convincingly lie, having absolutely no desire to attend the six-hour Mahler marathon, “But you know I have my sick father to care for.” (We leave out the part about having on-call caregivers available to watch dad.)Blog

“That opportunity sounds AMAZING,” we gush, “But the way my arthritis is acting up I’m sure I can’t. You know how it is to be getting old.” (We neglect to mention how much fun attending our granddaughter’s hip hop class was and dancing all afternoon with her.)

Does citing these limitations sound more like excuses? They should. That’s exactly what they are. But the way we use these kinds of excuses (costumed to look like irrefutable reasons), pretty much ends any further discussion. People are less inclined to challenge someone who has decided to live in a state of self-imposed victimization. Why, if we’re lucky, we might even garner a bit of pity in the process. Bonus points!


We are better than this. We don’t have to use perceived limitations as excuses to avoid telling the truth. We can empower ourselves by having the hutzpah to tell it like it is for us with love and compassion for the other person.

So does limitation have a place in our lives, especially if we are of the mind that we are unlimited spirit beings having a spiritual experience in a human body? I believe they do! Entrepreneur, writer, philanthropist and unshakable optimist, Marie Forleo, tells us how and why:

Limited choices in your day can lead to limitless freedom in your life.

Take this sage advice into your day by using it to map out your game plan for tomorrow. If we avoid focusing on our true purpose we will easily get bogged down in the many choices being thrust upon us by social media, well-meaning friends and what we perceive to be societal obligations.

Start today using limitations in a positive, productive way, not to stop you from doing anything, but to empower you by freeing up time and energy. Then you’ll be more available to do the very things you came here to planet Earth to share with us!

In Spirit, Truth and Playfulness,


Terry Drew Karanen © 2016

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