The Storm

The Storm November 9, 2012

(The following is the transcription of a channeled lecture delivered in Brooklyn, New York on November 1st, 2012.)

And we know what you need. And we know how to give it to you, if you’ll allow it.

You all want to trust this time. To trust the experiences you’ve had. To know what you need, in accordance with your environment, with how you exist among your fellows, in your communities, in your civilizations. But what is being shown to you now is what it is like without them, without the parameters you have used to assess your safety — “I know who I am through what I do every day, through how I encounter my fellows, through how I make decisions, based on what I believe should be.”

Now, you have all known things all of your lives in conjunction with your fellows. “I know who I am on Monday when I go to work.” “When the paper is passed in and the teacher stamps her approval, I can go home and my school is done until tomorrow.” All the systemization that you have agreed to has been yanked from you, pulled away from you in one storm — in one benefitting storm. And we say “benefitting” because you are being benefitted by this, like it or not.

When you tether yourself to your requirements for safety, you create danger. Do you know this? “When I create an environment that can only exist in my way, in my safety, what happens to me when those bonds are broken? When I cannot acquiesce to those things I thought would provide my safety?” What do you have then?  This is what you have: A new terrain. A new way of experiencing yourself, of understanding your environment and what you cared for, who you love and why you choose what you choose.

Most of your lives you have made choices in obligation through systems of protection. What you are protected by is your government, is a school system, is a structure of behavior. “I can walk down this street being afraid because the police are there and they will not protect me” makes no sense. “I can walk down the street and feel safe because I know there is a cop on the corner” is you agreeing to be safe in a supportive situation. But are you safe without that?  Are you safe without your job, or the partner you believed would be there through thick and thin who took the high road when the wind came, who didn’t behave the way you thought he would, who disappointed you in his actions?

You are all shown to yourselves who you truly are when faced with an enormity of something as this. As this occurs, you choose yourselves again. Who am I in this situation? Who do I know myself as? What am I tethered to? What are my obligations? And what do I need if my needs are based in safety?  Have I grown? Have I lifted? If I need my obligations to give me my sense of worth, what am I when those obligations are taken from me? Do you understand this? If there is no office to knock on the door of and you have been your job, what the heck are you without the office? If the home is not there and that was your security, who are you now without your home? You believe that the management of all your issues, of these things that you have created give you mastery over your world but they do not.  They are illusions.  They are nice things to have because you have decided they are nice things to have.

Now we do not tell you that there are not people suffering greatly in this situation. We are not telling you that at all. But we are telling you that the deeper investment that you have gifted yourself with in your safety is the degree to which you are being shaken up. If you don’t care if the house burns down and the house burns down, you are not attached to the house. We are telling you this not because you should see a house burn down and not be attached, but to see how much you care, to see how much you have invested in something outside of yourself to give you your worth or your safety.

Now Paul has been complaining for two days “Where is my own bed? Where is my electricity? I want my little Internet so I can feel like I am playing my own game in my own world.” He had a day with no Internet and days with no bed or no toilet and he is still standing before you and when we took him home today and he looked at his home, nothing meant anything. And he was shocked. Nothing meant anything. It was a place to stay. The clothes in the closet may have been purchased by somebody else.  They were not him. He was not attached to what he thought he was because he was ripped from it.  It was meant to be, this situation, for him to see that he could live without what he thought he needed. When you are attached to what you’ve had, it is very difficult to let things go and go on in a new way.

Now we are not telling you all that you have to let go of everything to move forward, but you do have to let go of the attachment to it as your claim of safety. If I put 5 locks on the door I will never be robbed. What happens when the house burns down? All of those things you were trying to protect were rendered meaningless and nobody came to the door to pick the lock. You left the candle burning, you burned your own house down and there you go.

Now when weather comes, weather changes in response to the climate that is created here. You all create the weather you know.  You create the quakes.  You create the changes. You are choosing this time collectively as an embarkation point for a new history. A new history.  A new history that has come to bring you faith. That has come to bring you worth outside of those things you have believed would save you.  When the policeman doesn’t save you, when the bill doesn’t save you, when the thing you thought would save you doesn’t save you, what will save you? Who is to save you?

You are the savior, you know. But not in the way you may think. You do not climb over your fellows to reach the light. You lift yourself and your fellows are lifted by you as you reach the light. When you realize that there is nothing here, that this is all a creation that you have agreed upon, you can lift yourself above the illusion and decide something new. When you claim your worth in the face of any situation. “I know who I am, I know what I am, I know how I serve,” you create a new possibility, a new opening, a new standing in your faith. “I know who I am as a Divine Being. What I am as who I am as this experience. I know what I serve, how I serve as how I am expressed in this frequency, in this life that I have chosen.”

You like to be victims still. “The weather did it to me. They made the weather happen with their funny signals in the sky or the government ignored this so the weather is happening.” If you play victim you remain a victim. If you point the fingers you are still claiming victimhood. The victim blames. The true soul claims his own worth in the face of all experience.

As we said to Paul the other night before the storm began, the lesson of the storm is responsibility. How you respond is your choice to anything and everything that occurs. If you believe it is not, you are self-deceiving in what is responsibility. How you attend to your neighbor when your neighbor needs food, when she needs shelter, how you attend to yourself when you need to feed yourself and the way you have done it is not available. How you serve yourself when you claim you are worthy of something that you have never had to ask for because it was always provided. These are deep lessons. We do not say they are comfortable lessons, nor do we blame you. If you run around saying “We created this we must be bad,” you are missing the point. If you say “God created this, we must be wrong,” you are back in victimhood. If you say “This is an opportunity for me to know who and what I am in a new way, in a new possibility,” you will lift to a new thinking, a new creation where you are in purpose with your life.

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