A New History

A New History April 10, 2013

(The following is the transcription of a channeled lecture delivered by Paul Selig in New York City on March 14, 2013.)

We recognize each of you in your struggles.  We recognize each of you in your laughter.  We recognize each of you as you choose your lives, how you decide who you are.

How you live your life in many ways has been the result of your history.  Tonight we will teach you a new history, a new way of standing in your worth of claiming your light and singing your song.  Tonight we will offer you this:  the life that you have lived up until tonight is going to go away to honor the Self that you are emerging as.  And we use the word “emerging” intentionally.  You are each coming into your own as a free woman, as a free man, capable of great choice and honoring the soul that you have.

The dismantling of the old structure, the way that you have known yourself, the inhibitions you have held, the claims of calamity or fear that you have used against yourselves are passing now and this is a time of creation.  A time of creation is an important time.  It means that things may be made anew.  But you must decide first that you are allowed them, that you can have them, that you can be them, to be your own creation as your Divine Self in mastery.

Now “mastery” is a word we use intentionally to bring you into the knowledge that you are not at fault but that you are in charge of everything around you.  You have claims that you make upon things and decisions that you make that are in recognition of what you have been taught.  And the answer we give you tonight.  We see you as you are on the brink of great change emerging as a new woman, a new man, in her freedom, is what we will attend to.

We will ask the man with his hands over his face to put them down.  You must all be attended in a way to the teaching we give you now.  We are here for a reason.  You have come for a reason.  The time of playing games, “I am in my mastery, whatever that means,” is over.  That book has closed.  The new book that is being opened to you is about empowerment as you are today in the significance that you hold today in the manifestation of God as you, at the juncture you stand at today, today, today.

You have withstood much.  You have accepted much.  You have played games.  “I am a spiritual being because I say the right words.”  You are a spiritual being because you were created as such.  You are no more spiritual than anybody else, but you are learning how to embody, to emerge as the True Self from the past self that you created according to the requirements that you were handed, that you accepted as so.  There is a new teaching, Paul, that is coming through tonight about recognition, who you are in your recognition is who you will become as you claim it.

The mirror that faces you when you stand before a mirror is what you have expected to see.  You do not see yourself, in fact, you face a mirror that stands before you and gives you in response to the image that you hold, the information you require to know the self as you have been.

Tonight we stand before you, we in spirit, we in knowing, we in love, we in choice, and we see who and what you are outside of your history, outside of the names that you have been given by others, the things you thought you were, the things that you have identified as in fear.  The answer that you will get as you face your own reflection will be one of unlimited knowing.  Now we must say what we mean by this.  The aspect of you that is the Creator in manifestation already knows everything.  She does not require a lesson.  She does not have to be told who she is, who he is, she knows.  But you don’t honor that aspect of you in your truth.  You honor the face in the mirror.  “I must be growing old.  I am not what I thought I should be.  I look just like my mother did.  Oh dear, oh my.”

The answer that you seek when you see your face is to see the soul that’s behind the face.  We don’t care about your bodies.  One day you will not care about your bodies either.  They get you around as they must but they are temporary vehicles of your expression.  How you identify now as you face yourself in truth will be what calls to you your future.  Yes, it is a time of creation.

The choices that you make tonight, if you adhere to the claims that you make, will call your life to you in a new way.  But you must know it can be so.  Your history will tell you it cannot be, you are not allowed, it cannot be so.  And if you listen to your history you will be lied to.  Now, what does this mean?  When you have operated in a limited consciousness, all that you may know is adhering to that limitation.  You cannot perceive of anything beyond it because it cannot be so.

The idealization of your history, your lineage, your planetary agreements, keep you in bondage to what you have known and they do not free you to the next level of incarnation until you step out of the cellar and into the sun.  A cellar holds a structure, it holds the foundation of the house you reside as.  The house that you reside as has rooms that you recognize.  You do not question what room is where in your house, it is how you know yourself.  We are taking you out of the known now.  We have to in order to get you free.  “What does this mean practically?” Paul is asking.  It means it is time to change your vibration.  It means it is time to claim power.  It means it is time to decide that you are free as you are today.

Now, each one present has decided already that you may be incarnated in a higher frequency.  You have been given enough evidence so far through our work with you and the teachings you have garnered to know that there is something to what we say.  So you can accept this much.  Why do you not accept the next step that we would offer you?  Why do you lie to yourselves and claim your powerlessness when our teaching has been to give you power?  Because it is safer to stay as the body, as the experience that you have known, than to escalate your vibration to become somebody that you truly are.

We will answer this again.  Who you are is who you say you are.  What you are is what you claim.  What you decide is born in your knowing, in your high vibration, or what you have claimed previously which is habit born in statement of acceptance of what you have known.  Now, tonight we shift you and we escalate the vibration of this class as we are permitted.  We escalate the vibration of the individuals so they may decide anew and we escalate the class itself to permit it to go up to the next level of incarnation.  This must be a real action.  This is no conjecture.  It is not playing games.  It’s a decision you make that you attend to each day, whether or not you like it.  If you understand what we are telling you now, you are who you say you are, you make this claim daily and you go into agreement with the claim that you have made.

As we honor you, as we see you as you truly are, we demonstrate as you as a high frequency that may claim the kingdom into manifestation.  The honor that we have is to attend to your needs as you grow, as you escalate in vibration.  We do not do this so that you feel better, we do this so that you may be yourself and help others to go where you have gone.

Now, if you would all stand up for a moment we will show you what we mean.  The man before you with the telephone in his hand has lived a life so far.  You have all encountered him in the way that he has known you.  You have decided things about him based in your interactions and you think you know him.  You think you know anybody.  You know no one until you see them in their worth as the Divine Being that they truly are.  You know no one.  You know a mask, you know a pretense, you know a figure that you think you know.  How can you know another until you see them in their worth as the incarnation of the Creator?  And how can you know yourself as this when you deny the ones before you?  Do you understand this?

It cannot be so, so we will teach you this through application.  You will look at the man before you and see you as you know him.  The one you call Paul who lives in this place, who pets the dog, who complains all the time, whoever you think he is, that is who you will see.  Witness the man you think you know and understand that this is your choice.  The man that you see before you is entirely framed by your own ideals, what you bring to the table, what your own history is, it has nothing to do with the man.  Do you understand this?

It is all conjecture.  “She must be handsome because she is like this.  He must be wise because he says these words,” is a false way of knowing anybody.  So look at the man you think you know and then see where you judge.  See where you judge.  See where you hold him in limitation, because the frame that you use to see the world is a frame of limitation.  We will tell you this – if you judge anyone, you judge yourself.  You cannot not do one thing and do the other.

So now decide that you are free of your own history, that everything that you were taught about perception is false, that everything you ever looked at and decided was such and such a thing is only such and such a thing because somebody once told you it was.  There are many names for a rose depending on what country you’re in.  Somebody names the rose, the culture says “that is a rose.”  You know the rose by its texture, its color and its smell but you do not know the essence of the rose until you see it as an aspect of the Creator in its manifestation.  The same is true with your fellow man and always will be.

So, as we said to you, your history is going out the window.  What you have thought to be true about the man you see before you is being dismantled by your intention to be free of your history as the predicator of your perception.  Do you understand this?  So decide that this is so.

Now, imagine, if you like, that you are from another planet and you are looking at this one before you as if you have never seen a man before.  Now, what do you begin to see?  What is different for you when you are not clinging to the language you have known, but you are simply seeing and allowing yourself to be in comprehension of the thing you see?  Notice what changes for you as you align to the new idea.

Now, we will take this farther.  You will see the one before you as God, as an aspect of God, exactly as he is.  There is nothing that requires change.  He is what you say you are when you claim, “I am Word.”  Now you are deciding something.  You are deciding to go into an unlimited vision of your perception of another where your history has no place in judgment.  Now, allow the eyes and the perceiving self to have but all experience of the one before you and decide these words are so: “On this night I decide to recreate myself in my own worth and decide once and for all that each one I see before me is an unchangeable aspect of God.”  By unchangeable we mean that the fact of who they are will never be different.  They may express differently, they may grow up or grow down, but what you see before you is an eternal creation.  The vision that you hold this way will demand recognition from your life.  Understand what we mean by this.  Demand recognition from your life.  Your perception, we say, which is your gateway to understanding and to truth and knowing, will begin to see the reflection of God in everyone and everything.

Now, if you wish to claim dominion, as an aspect of the Creator, which you may say all you like is who you are, and you demand somebody else to be anything other than they are, you are lying to your True Self.  If you are an unchanged, eternal being so is the one before you.  When you know this to be so you are a master.  And you are a master because your creations must accept this to be so and align to the new reality.

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A New History
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