Thank You…Top Five Posts Of 2020

Thank You…Top Five Posts Of 2020 December 31, 2020

I am a newbie on the Patheos Catholic channel.  It has been almost a year since my column was established and I want to say thank you.  Thank you for sharing, commenting (even the critiques), and allowing my little column to be a small part of your life.

Thank You!

It has been my goal to give a mix of apologetics, evangelism, and devotional material to help you grow in your faith.  Once again I say thank you.  Here are the top five posts of 2020 along with a paragraph from each.  God bless you and happy new year!

Hand, Write, Pen, Paper, Thank You

1.  Freemasonry And The Catholic Church

On March 26 I had the opportunity to appear on Gary Michuta’s Hands On Apologetics radio program.  I described what Freemasonry is, some of the teachings, and since 1738 the church has made 53 pronouncements against it.  The first known grand lodge was established in England in 1717.

Shortly thereafter, in 1738, Pope Clement XII wrote the papal bull In Eminenti.  This bull banned Catholics from joining the masonic organization under pain of excommunication.

2.  Covenant, Old Testament, And Fulfillment In Christ

Throughout the Old Testament there are several instances of God establishing a covenant.  He did so with Adam in the Garden, with the nation of Israel through Moses where the Law was delivered, with Noah after the great flood, with Abraham and his descendants, and lastly with King David.

These covenants are a part of salvation history that prepared the world for the coming of the Messiah.  Each one of these covenants was important and significant, and each one was fulfilled in the person of Jesus Christ.

3.  A Look At The Watchtower aka Jehovah’s Witnesses

Perhaps the most popular example of modern day Arianism is the Watchtower Bible and Tract Society.  Just like the Arians of old they believe that Jesus was a created being.

Their official doctrinal position is that Jesus is the archangel Michael, and was the first created being.  According to the doctrinal manual “Jesus is the sole direct creation of God”.  In their view God created Christ, and Christ created everything else.

Evangelism is important to them and they knock on doors almost every day.  This is a very admirable trait, but their views Christ are heterodox.  Early councils hold views such as theirs in condemnation.

4.  Don’t Encourage Someone To Miss Mass

I have noticed a disturbing trend on social media lately.  Perhaps it has been around for some time, but some Catholics are telling people to miss Mass of they are unable to attend one in Latin.  Let me be clear.  I have nothing against the Latin Mass and find it to be incredibly moving and reverent, but telling someone to intentionally miss Mass is to advocate for mortal sin.

5.  Voices Of Hope:  15 Quotes From Saints To Inspire

Many, if not all, of the saints experienced their share of hardship. They followed Jesus through what seemed like the most impossible of circumstances. We can look to these brothers and sisters who have moved on to their eternal reward for a source of hope. Their example of looking to Christ is a source of inspiration for us all.  Their voice echoes to us today.

Calligraphy, Pen, Thanks, Thank, You

Thank You Again

Those are the top five posts of the year.  I thank you all for your support.  The support that you give helps more than you can ever know.  Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!  God bless you and thank again.

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