Blog Roll:

While I have not read every word of each of the blogs and so can’t endorse every thought communicated there, in general, I think these are helpful resources for both understanding our times and building a counter-cultural life based on traditional virtues.

Culture and Society

Rod Dreher

J.D. Bentley

Faith and Culture

Denny Burk

Gene Vieth

C.R. Wiley

Zippy Catholic

Alastair Roberts

Jimmy Akin


Ed Latimore

The Family Alpha

Masculinity by Design


This list is a mix of books I have read and found helpful and others currently on my reading list.

Culture and Society

Amusing Ourselves to Death

Relationships and Character

The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People

First Kill All the Marriage Counselors

Biography, Memoir and History

The Dirty Life


The Memory of Old Jack