December 13, 2019

The early Church Growth Movement promoted the use of marketing techniques to attract as many people as possible to form a “mega-church.” But today’s marketing focuses on targeting narrow interest groups. So we now have “micro-churches” aimed at bikers, cowboys, fitness buffs, coloring book fans, and other “missional communities.” Read more

December 12, 2019

Animal lovers who have pets, we are now told, are violating animal rights.  And having all of those dogs and cats is also destructive of the environment. Read more

December 11, 2019

Works of art–whether paintings or literature or crafts–make outstanding Christmas presents.  They are unique.  They are personal.  They are meaningful.  Here are some contemporary Lutheran authors and artists who deserve your patronage. Read more

December 11, 2019

The book by my good friend Hal Senkbeil, “The Care of Souls:  Cultivating a Pastor’s Heart,” is the winner in the category of Church/Pastoral Leadership in the 2020 Christianity Today Book Awards! This would make the perfect Christmas present for your pastor. See why. Read more

December 10, 2019

Guilt is a universal feeling, since none of us fallen creatures can live up to our own principles.  But without a religion offering atonement and redemption, people must deal with their guilt in other ways, such as politics. Read more

December 9, 2019

Is bad theology that has been taken over into secular thinking–namely, the view that substances are themselves evil, as opposed to the way they are used–making our substance abuse problem worse? Read more

December 6, 2019

One of the legal experts who testified in the House Impeachment hearings said that what Trump did was “worse than the misconduct of any prior president.” David Harsanyi details what other presidents did that was much worse. Read more

December 5, 2019

New Atheism is reportedly fading. Not that there are fewer atheists–their numbers have gone up slightly to 4% of the population–but the movement has splintered and the general public and even many of the New Atheists themselves have lost interest in the cause. Two insiders tell what happened. Read more

December 4, 2019

Faith and reason need each other.  Faith without reason can degenerate into superstition and fanaticism.  Reason without faith can degenerate into tyranny and meaninglessness. Christianity has solved this dilemma, according to Samuel Gregg, by teaching that the Logos–the underlying basis of rationality–IS God, incarnate in Jesus Christ. Read more

December 3, 2019

The biggest demographic of the unchurched is the white working class. This is confirmed in a study of how income level correlates with never going to church. In general, the percentage of never-churchers goes down as the income brackets go up. But this is a recent phenomenon and runs counter to conventional wisdom. Read more

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