December 3, 2020

Critical theorists see power and oppression everywhere.  Why don’t they see it in abortion, which is a clear example of the will to power and the privileged oppressing the marginalized? Read more

December 2, 2020

America is a radically moderate nation.  That means it will be frustrating for both liberals and conservatives. Read more

December 1, 2020

When we think of the definitive beliefs of Americans, what comes to mind are liberty, individualism, equality, inalienable rights, and democracy.  I propose another, one upon which the others depend:  belief in the doctrine of original sin. This has given us limited government, our reformist spirit, the protection of our rights, and skepticism towards those in power. Read more

November 30, 2020

A scientist has devised a mathematical formula for calculating when nations and civilizations fall apart.  Ten years ago, he ran his numbers for the United States.  Things would start to collapse, according to his calculations, in 2020. Read more

November 27, 2020

Pop music is specifically designed for solo artists, which means that it does not lend itself well to congregational singing.  It is also written to be a performance for an audience, which means that it does not lend itself well to corporate worship. So says church musician Jonathan Aigner. Read more

November 26, 2020

It wasn’t the Virginia slave ship in 1619 that defined American values, argues “The Federalist,” but the pilgrims on the Mayflower in 1620. Indeed, they contributed a zeal for freedom, commitment to self-government, and a contempt for Old World hierarchies, including those preserved in the institution of slavery. Read more

November 25, 2020

The new spate of Islamic terrorism in France, due to more Charlie Hebdo cartoons, demonstrates a crisis in both Western liberalism and Islam. So says one observer, who perhaps misses the crisis in secularism. Read more

November 24, 2020

The Georgia run-off elections will determine which party controls the Senate and thus the ability of the Democrats to implement their agenda. But though the two races required a run-off, the other candidates were mostly conservative and their voters can be expected to rally around the Republican candidates. Read more

November 23, 2020

One benefit of having an old-school Democratic politician in the White House:  Earmarks–the practice of letting Congressmen tack on spending measures for pet projects in their districts–will be coming back! Despite the potential for political corruption, this can also have some unintended positive consequences. Read more

November 20, 2020

When it comes to religion, the best way to describe the nation overall is that we are remarkably balanced.  About one-third of Americans are religious; one-third are secularist; and one-third are somewhere in between. Read more

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