December 18, 2020

The Pharisees, Sadducees, and the Zealots–then and now–miss the meaning of the coming of Christ. Read more

December 17, 2020

The city of Seattle, having defunded their police by 18%, is now considering removing the criminal penalty for misdemeanor theft, trespass, and assault if the perpetrator suffers from poverty. Read more

December 16, 2020

Oklahoma, where I grew up and where I live, is one of the most conservative states in the union.  It has also become the nation’s hottest marijuana market.  This sounds like a contradiction, but is not. Read more

December 15, 2020

Not citizens nor states elect the president. As with medieval Emperors, the president is chosen by Electors. And now, like it or not, the Electors have elected Joe Biden. His presidency is now official, legal, a done deal. How do you think he will do? Read more

December 14, 2020

There have been many attempts throughout the centuries to ascertain exactly when Jesus was born.  Researchers in Italy have offered a new approach to the question. Looking at the timing of Elizabeth’s pregnancy with John the Baptist, Jewish religious festivals, and some new astronomical data, they conclude that Jesus was born in December, 1 B.C. Read more

December 11, 2020

You are probably familiar with the concept that the universe is “fine-tuned” for life, that if the sun were a little closer or a little farther away, and other “Goldilocks” conditions, life on earth would be impossible. But the universe is also fine-tuned for the existence of physical objects. If the force of gravity or the entropy rate were infinitesimally different, the universe would be all energy and undifferentiated matter. Read more

December 10, 2020

Blacks, Hispanics, and other immigrants are more conservative and more religious, on the whole, than white Americans. Eventually, progressive politicians will run afoul of their non-white base.  And the progressive push for diversity on college campuses will result in a more conservative political and religious climate. So says sociologist Musa al-Gharbi, who shows that this is already happening. Read more

December 9, 2020

The very name of Jesus, which means “Yahweh Saves,” is a creed, a confession of who Jesus is and what He has accomplished for us. Read more

December 8, 2020

Many secularists are reverting to an insistence on purity, for themselves and others.  Not moral purity, exactly, and certainly not sexual purity, but an ideological purity that has the force of those traditional categories. This is becoming an issue as Joe Biden tries to staff his administration. Read more

December 7, 2020

The Bible has many profound prayers that are extremely short–as few as three words–yet they are applicable for much of what we need to pray for.  They are so short that they can constantly be in our hearts and on our lips, helping us to “pray without ceasing.” Read more

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