The Church in the Wilderness

  The Old Testament speaks of the New Testament, and the narrative of the Children of Israel speaks of the Church.  Of course, they primarily give us the history of the Jews, to whom the true God revealed Himself and made Himself a people, from whom would be born the Messiah, the Son of God.  But there are parallels between God’s people then and God’s people today. Both last Sunday’s Bible Class and sermon underscored those connections, which I knew, but… Read more

Environmentalism vs. Children

Some environmentalists have revived the notion that having children is immoral, contributing to global warming and the destruction of the environment. Heather Wilhelm, in Population Panic Returns: Left Revives Argument that Procreation Is Immoral | National Review, quotes some of the headlines: “Science proves kids are bad for Earth. Morality suggests we stop having them.” (NBC) “Want to Slow Global Warming? Researchers Look to Family Planning.” (NPR) “Having Children Brings High Carbon Impact.”  (New York Times) “Having children is one of the… Read more

The Church of Artificial Intelligence Develops Its Theology

This is a textbook example of idolatry. Read more

How Science & Art Come Together in Da Vinci’s “Savior of the World”

Leonardo da Vinci was not only a great artist.  He was also a great scientist–and engineer, mathematician, inventor, and much more.  For Leonardo, these were interconnected, not separate specialities, reflecting the integration of knowledge that is the goal of classical learning.  The new painting of his that was recently discovered, “Savior of the World,” which we discussed recently, demonstrates how Leonardo integrated his scientific research with his art. Da Vinci biographer Walter Isaacson focuses on some striking details of the painting in… Read more

The Connection Between Domestic Abuse and Church Shootings

Research does show that a large percentage of church shootings do also involve domestic violence. Why do men who abuse their wives sometimes shoot up her church? Read more

Sex Charges Expose Hypocrisy

The accounts of sexual harassment, assault, and other mistreatment of women have become an avalanche.  They expose the hypocrisy of various “family values” conservatives, but they also expose the hypocrisy of various “politically correct” liberals in the progressive media, academia, and politics. The man responsible for Fox News, his leading “traditionalist” talk show host, and the Republican senatorial candidate from Alabama are among the conservatives brought down by their sexual misconduct.   Then there are the conservative politicians, businessmen, and even… Read more

Which Doctrines Must Be “Reasonable”?

Which do you trust more, God’s Word or your own understanding? In whom do you put your faith? In God or in yourself? Read more

The New Da Vinci:  “The Savior of the World”

There is a newly discovered and authenticated painting by Leonardo da Vinci, a painting of Jesus Christ entitled “Savior of the World.” It sold at auction Wednesday for $450,312,500–the highest priced painting ever sold at auction–to an unidentified buyer .  (The previous record was $179,364,992 for a Picasso.)  In 1958 the painting was sold for the equivalent of $125. It was known that Leonardo painted a picture of Jesus for the King of France between 1506 and 1513, but it… Read more

Only Christians Can Be Atheists and Only Atheists Can Be Christians?

Ernst Bloch was a Marxist–indeed, a Stalinist–who believed that Christianity is the inspiration for the Revolution. Read more

The Threat to American Conservatism

American conservatism is in jeopardy.  If people who say they are conservatives vote for candidates who violate conservative principles–for example, “family values,” moral integrity, fidelity to the constitution, etc.–conservatism is proven to be a sham, just as the progressives claim. So says John Daniel Davidson in The Federalist.  He discusses the Judge Roy Moore debacle, showing that the Senate candidate now accused of child molestation has never really been a conservative. His defiance of the court order to remove the Ten Commandments… Read more

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