Developments in The Planned Parenthood Scandal

10 Quick, Important Developments On The Planned Parenthood Scandal.

The weakness of the Planned Parenthood defense

The 4 Most Embarrassing Things Cecile Richards Said In Defense Of Planned Parenthood.

The theology of BBQ

There is a really good barbecue joint that opened near where I live, and I’ve been introducing students and friends to this transcendent cuisine and teaching them all about it.  Terry Mattingly goes so far as to write about “the theology of barbecue,” interviewing an expert who tells of its role in churches and revivals.
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Camille Paglia unchained

Camille Paglia is a leftist who lambastes leftists and appreciates conservatives.  She is a feminist who critiques feminists and defends men.  She is an atheist who excoriates atheists and respects religion.  Her commentaries on contemporary culture are unfailingly outrageous, provocative, and stimulating.  Also hilarious.  She is the scourge of political correctness and an iconoclast of secularist pieties.  For her take on Bill Cosby, the Clintons, Jon Stewart, media bias, the 2016 presidential candidates, and more, read her  interview in Salon here and here and here.


Jim Gilmore becomes the 17th G.O.P. contender

Jim Gillmore is running for the Republican presidential nomination.  You may be forgiven for wondering, “who?”  He is the former governor of Virginia with quite a few accomplishments, detailed after the jump.  He is the Republican’s 17th contender.  Their first debate, featuring the top 10 in the polls, will be next Thursday, August 6.

We have been giving equal time for each candidate.  Can anyone make the case for Jim Gillmore? [Read more...]

Jesus walking on the water

We had a great sermon last Sunday on Jesus walking on the water (Mark 6:45-56), bringing in the ups and downs of the spiritual life, Christ’s presence in the ordinary, vocation, the Word, law, gospel. . . . [Read more...]