Rick Santorum quits–why Rubio benefits & not Cruz

Rick Santorum, who won the Iowa caucuses last time in 2012, has dropped out of the Republican presidency race.  Prediction:  As candidates drop out, they will endorse Rubio.  UPDATE:  I was right!  Santorum endorsed Rubio.  As there are fewer and fewer candidates vying for the mainstream Republican vote, they will coalesce around Rubio, and Trump’s 40% will become a minority.

Why won’t Cruz pick up some of these endorsements?  He is apparently just unlikable.  In the Senate, he can’t even get a member of his own party to second his motions.  When asked about this at the last debate, he framed it as, “see, I’m not some politician.”  But you have to be able to work with people if you want to be president and get anything done.  Interestingly, evangelicals are reportedly becoming down on him for what seems to be a dirty trick he played against Ben Carson, putting out the rumor just before the Iowa caucus that he was dropping out of the race and that his supporters should go with Cruz instead.  Carson is rightfully complaining (saying “by their fruit you shall know them”) and Trump, who thinks a shift from Carson to Cruz cost him the victory, is threatening a lawsuit.


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Concordia Edmonton repudiates its Christian identity

Concordia University Edmonton, a college of the Lutheran Church Canada (both of which were founded by the LCMS), has removed all references to Lutheranism and to Christianity from its governing documents.  The institution’s board of directors took that action without consulting the Lutheran Church Canada.

The college had gradually been cutting its ties with the church.  Instead of the church body electing the board members, the school moved to a self-selecting board.  Apparently, the LCC does not own the campus, as the LCMS does its network of 10 institutions in the Concordia University System.  Edmonton’s seminary is a separate entity from the college.  But many of Concordia Edmonton’s faculty members are on the clergy roster and have calls to the college, which will apparently end now that the institution has rejected its Christian ties.

I am shocked at this.  I spoke at Concordia Edmonton a couple of years ago, and I met some very solid faculty members.  My understanding is that many of the faculty are against this decision, and that the president of the LCC, Robert Bugbee, is studying what action can be taken.  Church colleges often slowly drift away, but I don’t know that I’ve seen this kind of decisive repudiation of Christian identity.  (Canadian Lutheran readers, can you tell us more about this?)

UPDATE:  Be sure to read Bror Erikson’s comment, below.  He gives some more context, saying that part of the problem is that church, in effect, severed its ties with CUE, cutting off its funding and forcing it into the arms of the state.

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A cat trapped inside a human body

We have women born in a man’s body, and men born in a woman’s body.  Now there is a case in which supposedly a cat was born in a human body.  After the jump, read the article and watch the video of the young woman meowing, hissing at dogs, and grooming herself.

Notice the neoplatonic worldview here, as well as in the rhetoric of transgenderism, which suggests that we have an identity prior to our birth, a sort of  pre-existing spirit that is then embodied when it enters the world.  But the “soul,” the seat of one’s personal essence and identity, is separate from the “body.”

Many of the Greeks and Romans believed this, as did various Renaissance mystics.  The Mormons believe in something like this.  So do some Eastern religions.  Christianity, though, has always had a higher view of the body.  But it’s certainly hard to understand how scientific materialists can buy into this sort of thing, and yet they do.

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We will soon evolve into “Homo Optimus”

A futurologist is predicting that we will merge with computers and evolve into a new species:  Homo Optimus.  We will live in the internet, be able to project our consciousness into multiple android identities, and live forever.  This may happen as early as 2050.  I think I am evolving into Homo Pessimus. [Read more...]

Iowa results

Three Republican candidates rose to the top in Iowa, with a surprisingly close number of votes:  Cruz won with 28% of the vote (8 delegates); then Trump with 24% (7 delegates); then Rubio with 23% (6 delegates).  UPDATE:  Rubio ended up with 7, the same as Trump.

The Democratic race, as of late Monday evening, is a virtual tie between Sanders and Clinton.  UPDATE:  Clinton won by only one delegate.  UPDATE:  When the dust settled, she earned 5 more delegates than he did.

Huckabee and O’Malley are reportedly suspending their campaigns.

Takeaways:  Trump is not a juggernaut.  Evangelicals, as a whole, are not behind Trump.  Rubio is in the mix, with only one percent fewer votes than Trump, (and, in my opinion, will become the rallying point for Republicans who do not like Trump or Cruz).  The Democrats are in for a bitter fight, though Clinton will probably prevail in the end.

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A blog for Lutheran writers

My daughter Mary J. Moerbe, herself a writer with whom I have collaborated,  has started a blog for Lutheran writers.  It’s called Meet, Write, and Salutary.  (Get it?)  It’s full of tips, information, advice, and support for Christian writers and Lutheran writers in particular.   Check it out.