Only Christians Can Be Atheists and Only Atheists Can Be Christians?

Ernst Bloch was a Marxist–indeed, a Stalinist–who believed that Christianity is the inspiration for the Revolution. Read more

The Threat to American Conservatism

American conservatism is in jeopardy.  If people who say they are conservatives vote for candidates who violate conservative principles–for example, “family values,” moral integrity, fidelity to the constitution, etc.–conservatism is proven to be a sham, just as the progressives claim. So says John Daniel Davidson in The Federalist.  He discusses the Judge Roy Moore debacle, showing that the Senate candidate now accused of child molestation has never really been a conservative. His defiance of the court order to remove the Ten Commandments… Read more

To the Christian Belongs the Past, Present, and Future

“To the so-called Lutheran, that is the true catholic Christian, belongs the entire past, before and after Luther.  The future must belong to him as well.  All things true and scriptural are his, when and where they are spoken.”  (Wilhelm Loehe, The Pastor, p. 157) That line, from the Wilhelm Loehe book we blogged about,  speaks to both Lutherans and Christians in general. As it relates to Lutherans, it illustrates what I had been trying to explain in my Reformation anniversary… Read more

The Roy Moore Controversy

Roy Moore, the judge who refused to remove the Ten Commandments, is the Republican nominee for Senator from Alabama.  And, as you have probably heard, he has been accused of child molestation.  Some supporters don’t believe the charges, but some evangelical Christians are defending him even if the charges are true! I won’t go into the details here, but a woman says that Moore molested her when he was in his 30’s and she was 14.  Now another woman tells… Read more

How to be a Pastor

I’m in a reading group with a bunch of pastors, which has me reading titles I would probably miss on my own.  I just finished a remarkable book from the 19th century that explains, in practical detail, how to be a pastor.  That is to say, it gives advice to young pastors about how to navigate successfully the issues they will face in their ministry. The author is Wilhelm Loehe, and the book is The Pastor, published by CPH in 2015, a translation… Read more

“The Universe Should Not Actually Exist”

According to contemporary physics, at the “Big Bang” at which the universe came into existence, there would have been an equal amount of matter and anti-matter.  But if that were so, the matter and anti-matter would annihilate each other.  Theorists have assumed that there must be some kind of asymmetry between matter and anti-matter, since, obviously, matter exists.  But a new experiment has found that the symmetry of matter and anti-matter is complete.  So, in the words of one of the… Read more

God Has Already Repaid You

  Thanks to Pastor Ned Moerbe, who cited this quotation from Paul Gerhardt by way of Oswald Bayer in a sermon that he preached: In his last will and testament Paul Gerhardt reminds his only son, still living after all his other children had died: “Do good to people, even if they cannot pay you back because….” The reader expects that the sentence will continue with: “God will repay you.” However, Paul Gerhardt frustrates that expectation by continuing: “…because for… Read more

Twitter Expands to 280 Characters–Can Now Handle German

Twitter is doubling the number of characters that can go into a “tweet.”  No longer must a user condense the thought so that it can be expressed in 140 characters.  Now the tweet can contain 280 characters. Twitter spokesmen said that one reason for the change is the differences in languages.  Chinese, Korean, and Japanese can communicate much more in 140 characters than European languages can.  (This is because the Chinese writing system is based not on an alphabet–with individual… Read more

Dear Next Mass Church Murderer,

The whole “death” thing raises a very important point. Ours is a Christian church and death is a particular interest of ours. We think we have it figured out. Read more

Democrats Win Elections, Think Control of Congress in Sight

November 7 was Election Day in several states, and the Democrats won big.  Now some Democrats are predicting that Tuesday’s vote is a foretaste of the midterm elections to come next year.  They believe that they will win control of Congress. The major election news came from Virginia.  The Democrat Ralph Northam beat Republican Ed Gillespie, who was running on President Trump’s issues and who had his support. Democrats also took the offices of Lieutenant Governor and Attorney General.  They also… Read more

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