My former colleague Stephen Baskerville has published a powerful book on how the sexual revolution and its revolutionaries (including feminists, the LGBT movement, no-fault divorce advocates, etc.) have contributed to the growth of big government and state power.  The book is entitled The New Politics of Sex: The Sexual Revolution, Civil Liberties and the Growth of Government Power. Read the review in The Federalist by Paul Rowan Brian, ‘The New Politics Of Sex’ Explains How Sexual Libertinism Grows Government: If you’ve been looking for… Read more

Archbishops often live in palaces.  Anglican archbishops, especially those at the very top of the hierarchy, tend to enjoy acclaim, luxuries, and all the perks of a high social status. Archbishop Benjamin Kwashi of Jos, Nigeria, is the new head of the conservative Global Anglican Future Conference, which has been battling the apostasy of mainline Anglicanism.  As such, according to Gerald McDermott, “He may well be the most powerful Anglican leader in the world.” Here is what has been happening… Read more

The victory of a 28-year-old avowed socialist over a long-time Democratic congressman in a New York primary has invigorated the progressive base.  To the point of repudiating the former progressive hero, the 76-year-old avowed socialist Bernie Sanders, who is being called too conservative. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez defeated Rep. Joe Crowley, who was no less than the chairman of the House Democratic Caucus.  Her election to the strongly-Democratic district in New York City is all but assured.   She is now endorsing other radical… Read more

For the 4th of July, the lead editorial of the conservative newspaper the Daily Oklahoman printed excerpts from a number of classic Independence Day speeches. I was struck by this one in particular, from Martin Luther King, Jr., no less, which says that “the American Dream” is not about owning your own home; rather, it is about something much more profound: Martin Luther King Jr. — “The American Dream,” delivered July 4, 1965 at Ebenezer Baptist Church in Atlanta “Then… Read more

Even as Democrats denounce President Trump for violating political norms, some of their number are saying that they need to do the same thing once they get into power. The main norm they want to break is the one against using your time in power to establish permanent advantages for your party.  Some Democrats are advocating using FDR’s precedent of having Congress vote to expand the number of Supreme Court Justices, then packing the court with liberal judges, thus eliminating… Read more

Among the heroes of the American Revolution, which we celebrate on this fourth of July, was a Lutheran pastor, Peter Muhlenberg.  An article in The Federalist tells his story.  And there was more to his career than his famous disvesting in the pulpit. He became George Washington’s aide, was a military hero, and after independence became a statesman in the new republic.  Read about him, and then I have some questions. From Ellie Bufkin, Meet A Friend Of George Washington And… Read more

On this Independence Day, I would like to offer you words from G. K. Chesterton on patriotism.  For him, love of country was like love of family.  You don’t necessarily love them for all of their wonderful qualities, as if you would stop loving them should they lose those wonderful qualities.  You love them because they are your family.  And we should love our country because this is our country. For Chesterton, patriotism is not a belief–for example, the conviction… Read more

Many Christians are attracted by Roman Catholicism, with its universal scope, its living authority, its unchanging moral and theological teachings, and its intellectual and aesthetic traditions.  Some take the step of converting to Catholicism, only to find in actual American parishes not Aquinas and Chesterton but feminist nuns, New Age philosophy, leftist politics, CCM masses, and a  theology not all that different from mainline liberal Protestantism.  Other converts do find a traditional parish, but it will often be in continual conflict… Read more

Here in conservative Oklahoma, we have just passed the nation’s most liberal medical marijuana law, allowing users to buy a license that will allow them to use the drug for any reason whatsoever as long as they get a doctor’s permission.  And doctors are lining up to provide that service.  (I mentioned the clinic that has already opened up in Tulsa.  Driving through one of our state’s smaller cities, I saw a sign for a new store in a strip… Read more

As progressives are moving further and further to the left, some are not stopping at socialism or even at the identity politics of post-Marxism.  Some are embracing old-fashioned Cold-War-era, Soviet-style communism. Slovenian thinker Slavoj Žižek is such a communist.  He is described as an author of “sheer brilliance” with a big following in Western academic circles.  The Chronicle of Higher Education described him as “the Elvis of cultural theory.” The New Republic calls him “the most dangerous philosopher in the West.” … Read more

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