The latest outrage

DRUDGE REPORT has become a major internet news source.  It specializes in stories that provoke outrage.  From today’s Drudge Report, what are some latest outrages that are worth talking about?

There are still Samaritans

Did you know that there are still Samaritans, that despised off-shoot of Judaism that Jesus reached out to?  There are only around 800 left–they call themselves the world’s smallest religion–and they still have their hopes on Mt. Gerazim.  Details after the jump. [Read more...]

Exemptions on moral, as well as religious grounds

Religious organizations can get an exemption from Obamacare’s birth control mandate.  But opposition to contraception and embracing a pro-life philosophy are matters of moral conviction, not just religious conviction.  What about an organization whose stance is based on moral reasoning, rather than religious doctrine?

March for Life is a secular organization, so a judge had ruled that it cannot be exempt from the Obamacare mandate.  But a federal judge threw out that decision, saying that moral objections can carry the same weight as religious convictions.

People are always confusing religion and morality, as if they were the same thing, or as if moral decisions are always religious decisions, and vice versa.  They are related, to be sure, but in the case of Christianity, which affirms both realms, the religious part is not so much about being moral as with finding forgiveness for NOT being moral.

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In today’s news. . .

While I’m in Scandinavia, I’m putting up “evergreen” posts from my files.  But to keep this blog up to date, I’m depending on you.   Here is one of the major online news sites:  Google News.

What do you find here that is worthy of note and that you’d like to discuss?

How legalized marijuana is working out in Colorado

The 17 states that are considering legalizing marijuana are being told about all kinds of economic benefits for doing so.  But in the case of Colorado, where legalized pot shops are proliferating, things haven’t worked out exactly as planned.  And there have been some unintended consequences. [Read more...]

My Scandinavia gigs

Today my wife and I will catch a plane to Copenhagen for a series of presentations I’ve been asked to make in Denmark and Norway.  The Scandinavian countries are considered among the most secular in the world, and yet there seems to be some interest in my book The Spirituality of the Cross, which has been translated into those languages.  On October 1, I’ll be giving some lectures at the seminary connected to the University of Aarhus.  On October 5, I’ll be speaking at a Bible college in Copenhagen.  On October 7-8, I’ll be in Oslo, Norway, giving four keynote addresses at a summit meeting of Scandinavian youth ministries.  (This is the group that is bringing me over and arranged the other gigs.)  We’ll fly back to the states on October 10.

This blog will go on for the two weeks that I’ll be out of the country.  I’ve stockpiled quite a few posts that I think you’ll find interesting to read and discuss, and I’ll schedule them to appear in the days ahead.  I’ve also figured out a way for us to cover and discuss news and current events, though I’ll depend on your active participation and comments for this to work.  I’ll be taking my computer and though I won’t be able to blog as I usually do, I’ll try to check in when I can.  Certainly when I get back from this tour I’ll tell you all about it.

Please, please, pray for us and that my presentations will be well-received.  Who knows what these little sparks might ignite?