Offering our body and blood to our neighbor

Thanks to Steve Bauer, who, in commenting on our earlier post on the connection Luther saw between receiving Holy Communion and loving our neighbor, quoted this remarkable passage from A Sermon on Confession and the Lord’s Supper, in which Luther says that after we hear Christ’s words, “Take, eat, this is my body. . ..this is my blood,” we should turn to our neighbor and offer him our body and blood.  Read the passage, which is more eloquent than I can paraphrase, after the jump. [Read more...]

Yet another incriminating video of Planned Parenthood

Planned Parenthood is insisting that they do not violate the law by selling fetal tissue from the abortions they commit, that the video of an official talking about harvesting organs for money referred to shipping and handling costs only for legitimate scientific research.  But now yet another video has turned up, showing another Planned Parenthood official haggling about prices and pretty much confirming the organ trafficking charge.  See the video after the jump. [Read more...]

John Kasich joins the GOP race

Ohio Governor John Kasich  threw his hat into the ring, announcing that he is running for president in a speech filled with compassion and God-talk.  He is the 16th Republican candidate.   Can anyone make the case for John Kasich? [Read more...]

Donald Trump’s theology

Surprise Republican front-runner (leading with 24% of GOP voters, with Scott Walker second at 13%) Donald Trump said that he is a Christian.  Except for the forgiveness of sins part.  [Read more...]

The epic cybersecurity fail

A hacker–probably connected to the Chinese government–has hacked into the databases of the Office of Personnel Management, stealing personal records on some 21 million federal employees.  The stolen information includes the results of security clearances, as well as coercion material on people with security clearances, meaning that this is an intelligence disaster.  Nebraska freshman Senator Ben Sasse, perhaps my highest-ranking personal acquaintance, has written perceptively about this in Wired Magazine, no less.  Excerpt and link after the jump.

(HT to Anthony Sacramone, whom you should also read on the subject.) [Read more...]

We now have full diplomatic relations with Cuba

Castro’s flag now flies over the Cuban Embassy in Washington, D.C., as diplomatic relations were restored between the United States and its Cold War nemesis. [Read more...]