St. Augustine, et al., on the Inerrancy of Scripture

Critics of the doctrine of the inerrancy of Scripture often portray it as a novel teaching, unknown to the historic church.  It derives from Protestant fundamentalism, we are told.  It is said to have originated with the rationalistic Scottish “common sense” theologians of the 19th century.  But, as John Woodbridge, professor at Trinity Evangelical Divinity School, demonstrates, the inerrancy of Scripture has a lineage that goes back through Catholicism, the medieval church, and the church fathers. In his article Did Fundamentalists Invent… Read more

My Book on Luther is Back

About 12 years ago, I wrote a little book on Martin Luther.  I was asked to do so as part of a series of brief biographies of important leaders.  The series wasn’t in wide release, so that volume has been kind of hard to come by.  But browsing on Amazon, I see that the book has come back. A Place to Stand:  The Word of God in the Life of Martin Luther follows the prescribed format of listing character traits and… Read more

The Nashville Statement on Biblical Sexuality

Is this a “catholic” document, in the sense that all conservative Christians can sign it, or does it reflect particular theological distinctives? Read more

The Oldest Known Melody–from Assyria, 1400 B.C.

Scholars translating clay cuneiform tablets from ancient Assyria have discovered musical notations.  Musician Michael Levy has performed the melody on a lyre.  So we can hear a piece of music from over 3400 years ago, the oldest that has been recreated today.  I’ve embedded the YouTube performance.  But go to the link to read about the background in which Levy explains the discovery, gives its historical and archaeological context, and gives further links to more scholarship. The melody is known as… Read more

White Nationalists’ Hostility to Christianity

White nationalists tend to be opposed to Christianity. Read more

Artificial Intelligence and Religion

Technology experts such as Elon Musk and scientists of the caliber of Stephen Hawkings are worried about Artificial Intelligence.  The fear is that computer and online technology will develop to the point that the machines will become more intelligent than the human beings who made them.  When that happens, machines may attain consciousness. Those artificially-intelligent machines might make human life better than ever before.  And they might take over the world, viewing humans as unnecessary and primitive parasites to be… Read more

“God is an artist!”

One highlight of our time on Kangaroo Island:  My 8-year-old granddaughter was showing me the shells she collected on the beach.  We were marveling at the swirls and the shapes, the harmonious colors and the intricate pattern of the markings.  She exclaimed, “God is an artist!” That’s a fine theological observation for an eight-year-old or for someone of any age.  That’s also a fine aesthetic observation. The aesthetic form of a seashell has been related to the proportions and harmonies… Read more

“What hurricane?”

  We were in our Kangaroo Island paradise.  Four days without internet or cell-phones.  I was talking with a local who asked me where I was from. “Oklahoma,” I said. “Where’s that?,” she asked. “On top of Texas.” “Is Oklahoma being hit by the hurricane?” “Hurricane,” I replied.  “What hurricane?” She said that a friend of hers was in Texas–she couldn’t remember where, Houston? Austin?–who contacted her, saying she was being evacuated. There were two TVs in the “holiday house” we rented… Read more

A Respite at Kangaroo Island

Here in Australia, my speaking gigs are over.  So we’re all headed to Kangaroo Island, where we will spend a long weekend, extended on both ends.  So remote and unspoiled is Kangaroo Island that we will be staying in a cabin that has no internet.  I’ll try to put up a post or two ahead of time, but  in case you don’t hear from me for awhile, I have not fallen off the ends of the earth.  Actually, I will have fallen… Read more

Eliminating Down Syndrome–by Abortion

The headlines read like this:  “Iceland is Becoming Nearly the First Country with no Down Syndrome Births”.  Wonderful, one might think.  What medical breakthrough has Iceland discovered?  Read the story and you find out that it has nothing to do with a medical breakthrough.  Just genetic testing of embryos followed by, in the case of diagnosing Down Syndrome,  a near universal application of abortion. Here is the original story from CBS News.  It is actually more nuanced than one might… Read more

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