Fireworks at the debate

I missed the debate on Saturday, but I heard there were some fireworks.  Everybody ganged up on Marco Rubio, saying he was inexperienced and unaccomplished, and he reportedly didn’t handle it well.  Jeb Bush scored on Donald Trump for using eminent domain on an elderly woman.  Trump tried to shut him up, prompting boos from the crowd, whereupon Trump attacked them for being members of the establishment!  (Details after the jump.)

So where are we now, after Rubio’s and Trump’s meltdowns?  Are the governors, Bush, Kasich, and Christie, back in it?  Is Cruz cruising?  Again, I didn’t see the debate, so I’d like to hear your impressions. [Read more...]

Republican debate tonight

The Republican presidential candidates will be debating tonight, just before the New Hampshire primary on Tuesday.  I’m on the road, so I can’t live blog it.  But you can live blog it yourself by commenting on the debate right here.

Details about the event after the jump.

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How God uses fiction

Someone whose life had become a shambles tells how God used fiction to save his life. [Read more...]

Yet another Planned Parenthood video

Even though they have been indicted for their undercover journalism, the folks at the Center for Medical Progress have released another video, this one showing a Planned Parenthood official explaining the accounting tricks they use to hide their organ trafficking.  You can see the video at the link, after the jump, which also outlines the filmmaker’s defense. [Read more...]

Super Bowl L (or is it 50?)

The Super Bowl has always been the showcase for Roman numerals.  But this year the NFL, apparently not wanting the connotations of “L” for “loser,” is labeling this half-century contest with the Arabic numerals “50.”

The students at Master’s Academy Classical Club, from a classical Christian school in Matthews, NC, took umbrage at this and launched a campaign to the get the NFL to return to Latin numbering.  They actually won an audience with an NFL official who assured them that next year would feature Super Bowl LI.   (The Wall Street Journal ran a charming article on this:   How the Super Bowl ost a etter – WSJ [subscription required].)

Speaking of the Super Bowl. . . [Read more...]

Can you be pro-life and pro-gun?

Evangelical pastor Rob Schenck criticizes his fellow conservative Christians for being knee-jerk 2nd Amendment supporters, arguing that it is impossible to be both pro-life and pro-gun.  A Lutheran police officer, Joseph Klotz, answers those arguments, concluding that the missing piece of the puzzle is vocation. [Read more...]