Other Takes on the Reformation

The 500th Anniversary of the Reformation–which is today–has received an extraordinary amount of attention.  As we have been discussing, some of it is way off base and some of it is insightful.  Then there are the analyses that come from such a different angle that they show facets of the Reformation that I, at least, never thought of.  Not that those new thoughts are necessarily valid.  Here are a few of that sort. The Reformation grew out of the cultural… Read more

How Lutherans View the Reformation Differently

Luther didn’t split the church. The pope did. Read more

China’s Communists Plan to Replace the U.S. as the World’s Superpower

We have our national elections every two years, with our presidential election every four years.  China has just had its equivalent.  Not elections–China is opposed to democracy–but the every-five-year congress of the Chinese Communist Party, which rules the country. The 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China ended last week.  It elected new members of the Politburo, the Central Committee, and the Secretariat.  But its major achievement was not only to re-elect President Xi Jinping but to vastly increase his… Read more

What the 500th Anniversary of the Reformation is NOT About

The 500th anniversary of Luther’s posting of the 95 Theses is soon upon us (next week on Halloween), and this year’s Reformation Day has not lacked for media coverage and internet hype.  Some of what people are celebrating about the Reformation is valid, but some is not. Christians of all stripes are marking the day, with some celebrating the recovery of the Gospel and some lamenting the church divisions associated with the Reformation.  Secular folks too are using the anniversary to call attention… Read more

Conservatives–and Christians?–for Marijuana Legalization

Nearly two-thirds (64%) of Americans support the legalization of marijuana.  More than half (51%) of Republicans want marijuana to be legal. That’s the finding of a Gallup poll on the subject. This is another astonishingly fast shift in values. In 1969, with the counter-culture in full bloom, only 12% of Americans supported marijuana legalization.  By 2001, a third of Americans wanted legalized pot.  In 2004, that number held steady, with the additional finding that 20% of Republicans were in favor.  By 2013, a… Read more

Eyewitnesses to Jesus:  The Testimony of Papias

Scot McKnight points us to a quotation from Papias, a first century Christian, who tells about talking with people who knew the original Apostles.  A well-known Bible scholar uses his testimony in demonstrating that the source of the four gospels was eye-witness accounts of Jesus. We blogged about the “higher criticism” of the Bible as being a reason for Christianity’s decline in Europe.  A branch of that discipline, “form criticism,” works from the assumption that the Gospel narratives are a product… Read more

Clinton and the Democrats Paid for That Russia Dossier Incriminating Trump

A “blockbuster” story in the Washington Post has revealed that the Democratic National Committee and the Hillary Clinton campaign paid some $9 million to link President Trump with Russia. Do you remember that “dossier” purporting to be an intelligence document that gave evidence  that Russia was tied to Donald Trump’s campaign and controlled him by holding over his head some damaging information, which the document described in salacious detail? The document was published by BuzzFeed (which I refuse to link to, though you can… Read more

Higher Criticism, Darwinism, & the Loss of Western Culture

Western civilization seems to be committing suicide.  What else to call it when a culture starts denying its defining values and ideas, demonizes its greatest contributors, and decides that its heritage is not worth transmitting to the next generation?  One aspect of the suicide of a culture has to be its repudiation of the religion that made it possible. The United States is indeed a nation of immigrants, and its genius used to be in assimilating them, teaching them American history and government… Read more

Having a baby with a sex robot

Human ingenuity has given us a new information medium of staggering potential, a major use for which is pornography. Technology continues to advance, so that we are on the verge of artificial intelligence and advanced robotics, a major application for which appears to be sex robots. But at least remembering what sex is for, one designer of animatronic sex dolls is now devising a way to have a baby with one. Sex robots represent the new horizon of sexual degradation…. Read more

Why Luther?

I was asked to write a guest post for the Tabletalk blog on “Why Luther?”  Others, such as John Wycliffe and John Hus, saw the problems with the medieval church more than a century before Luther, and yet they didn’t spark a Reformation as Luther did.  What was it about Luther that made him so effective? We can look to vast social forces that were at work.  But they can’t explain everything. In my post, I consider those larger factors.  Yes, the… Read more

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