Terrorist attack in France kills 84

As Bastille Day celebrants packed the streets watching fireworks in Nice, France, a large truck broke through barriers and accelerated into the crowd, driving for over a mile until he jumped out of the cab and started shooting.  He was killed by police.  The death count stands at 75, with over 100 injured.

Authorities are calling this a terrorist attack.

UPDATE:  The death toll has risen to 84, with many more in critical condition.  Two Americans are among the dead.  The killer has been identified as Mohamed Lahouaiej Bouhlel.   See this.

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Trump “is the most pro-gay candidate in American electoral history”

Jim Hoft, founder of the Gateway Pundit, a leading conservative blog, has come out publicly as gay.  That was his response to liberals’ defense of Islam after the Orlando shootings.  He believes that Donald Trump, with his tough stance against ISIS and Islamic immigrants and his long-time friendly relationship to gays and their causes, is the best choice for LGBT voters, many of whom (20% according to the latest poll) are rallying to the Trump banner.

Trump’s gay supporters are staging a party at the Republican convention designed to highlight the man who, according to one gay activist, is “the most pro-gay candidate in American electoral history.” [Read more…]

Lutheran women as conscientious objectors

The convention of the Lutheran Church Missouri Synod, which ended yesterday, passed a novel resolution against the government’s recent decision to have women serve in combat.  The church formulated a position, in line with Defense Department policy, that will allow Lutheran women who do not believe in registering for the draft or participating in combat to claim conscientious objector status for reason of religion. [Read more…]

Latvian Lutherans go back to male-only pastors

Last month, the Lutheran Church of Latvia–the main church body in that Baltic republic–reversed course and rescinded its policy allowing the ordaining of women.  But the church has not ordained women since 1993, with its confessional revival at the fall of Communism.  Now the church has formalized its doctrine that only men may be ordained as pastors.

The Lutheran World Federation, whose member churches ordain women, says that this decision may affect the Latvian church’s membership.  But the Latvian bishop says that this could lead to affiliation with the conservative International Lutheran Council and its member churches such as the Lutheran Church Missouri Synod. [Read more…]

A national conversation

The shootings of the last few weeks–of black suspects; of police–have at least provoked what has seemed to be impossible:  a national conversation over race.

We have black people defending the police; gun rights activists defending a black man shot by police; liberals questioning their extreme rhetoric; conservatives showing empathy for both sides.  Moving outside the usual categories is a helpful thing, if we are going to face up to our problems and do something about them.  So says conservative columnist Jonah Goldberg. . . . [Read more…]

UK’s new prime minister is Theresa May

British prime minister David Cameron stepped down from office after his efforts to keep the United Kingdom in the European Union were voted down.  Under parliamentary systems, the head of the party with a majority in the legislature becomes the Prime Minister.  So the new leader of the Conservative Party and thus the new Prime Minister is Theresa May.  She is the first woman to serve in that office since Margaret Thatcher.  She is also an active member in the Church of England.
I wonder if this heralds a trend of the world’s powerful nations being led by women. . . .May, Merkel, Clinton?  And yet they would have different political beliefs.

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