The Concordia Publishing House blog has posted an interview with Rev. Trevor Sutton and me about our new book, Authentic Christianity:  How Lutheran Theology Speaks to a Postmodern World. I’ve blogged about the book before, but I thought you might be interested in our exchange.  We talk about Lutheranism, mainly about its distinctives but also what it has in common with the rest of Christendom.  We think it has certain elements that speak particularly well to spiritual issues of our day, but we don’t mean to… Read more

Our nation’s legislative branch is stalemated on issue after issue, from the complexities of immigration reform to the housekeeping details of keeping the government from shutting down.  Lawmakers have little incentive to compromise, buck their leadership, or work across party lines.  President Trump has proposed a solution:  Bring back earmarks. Traditionally, legislators would attach spending projects to bills they wanted passed as a way to attract key votes.  A Republican senator might approach two Democratic colleagues and say, “Vote for… Read more

In researching policies that are “antinatalist”–that is, “anti-birth,” discouraging having children–I found that there is actually a philosophy known as Antinatalism, which teaches that procreation is immoral and that it is better never to have been born. This school of thought, held by a number of prominent philosophers, makes the following argument:  (1) It is immoral to cause suffering.  (2)  In human life, suffering is inevitable.  (3)  Therefore, creating human life is immoral. A corollary is that since suffering makes something evil,… Read more

Get ready to fall through the postmodernist looking glass, in which all distinctions between fiction and reality, entertainment and politics, and celebrity and history disappear. Michael Wolff’s depiction of the Trump White House–an “inside story” that the author admits is also an imaginative construction–is going to be made into a television series! Television rights to his book Fire and Fury:  Inside the Trump White House have  been sold to a major Hollywood developer. From Michael Wolff’s ‘Fire and Fury’ to Become TV… Read more

Formerly, federal disaster funds helped with the rebuilding, but not for churches. Yet now FEMA has reversed that policy. Read more

Do you know about Google’s Arts & Culture site?  It’s a rather remarkable virtual treasure house, a digitalized collection of the holdings of hundreds of museums around the world. Harald Geisler, the typographer who is developing the font based on Luther’s handwriting, put me onto it.  He is drawing on Luther manuscripts that are available at the site.  See the wealth of material at Key Documents of the Early Activity of Martin Luther — Google Arts & Culture.   (By the way, Harald raised… Read more

Not content with having legalized abortion, some pro-abortion extremists want to force pro-lifers to promote abortion.  And they have passed laws to that effect.  In some jurisdictions, pro-life pregnancy clinics must post signs telling clients where they can go to get an abortion. A judge has just struck down a  Baltimore city ordinance requiring pro-life clinics to promote abortion.  But a similar California law has been upheld.  The Supreme Court has agreed to resolve the issue by taking up the case… Read more

I finally realized what’s wrong with movies today.  What Aristotle described as the least important element of drama has become the most prominent. I’ll explain, but first let me give you my take on the new Star Wars movie, which we finally watched.  I was underwhelmed.  The original trilogy had a story arc that was resolved in the end:  the Empire was defeated, the rebellion was victorious, and the story ended with dancing Ewoks. So now we have a sequel trilogy, and… Read more

Was my response an indication that I would eventually leave the bland, liberal mainline Protestantism I was brought up in? Read more

On Tuesday, President Trump invited cameras into his negotiations with lawmakers over immigration and the “dreamers” act, earning praise even from CNN for his presidential demeanor, his mastery of the topic, and his openness to other ideas.  But then on Friday, all of those good impressions were blown away when the president asked, “Why are we having all these people from sh**hole countries come here?”  The context was more discussion with lawmakers over immigration, in which immigrants from Haiti, El… Read more

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