A Respite at Kangaroo Island

Here in Australia, my speaking gigs are over.  So we’re all headed to Kangaroo Island, where we will spend a long weekend, extended on both ends.  So remote and unspoiled is Kangaroo Island that we will be staying in a cabin that has no internet.  I’ll try to put up a post or two ahead of time, but  in case you don’t hear from me for awhile, I have not fallen off the ends of the earth.  Actually, I will have fallen… Read more

Eliminating Down Syndrome–by Abortion

The headlines read like this:  “Iceland is Becoming Nearly the First Country with no Down Syndrome Births”.  Wonderful, one might think.  What medical breakthrough has Iceland discovered?  Read the story and you find out that it has nothing to do with a medical breakthrough.  Just genetic testing of embryos followed by, in the case of diagnosing Down Syndrome,  a near universal application of abortion. Here is the original story from CBS News.  It is actually more nuanced than one might… Read more

Bannon believes the pen is mightier than the sword

After controversial Trump advisor Steve Bannon was fired from his position as presidential advisor, he made it clear that he would continue to champion his brand of economic nationalism.  In fact, he reportedly feels liberated.  Returning to his role as head of the conservative website Breitbart.com, Bannon says that he will no longer be constrained by working in the administration.  Putting aside the sword of actual power in favor of the pen of the journalist, Bannon says that now he… Read more

Why the Alt-Right is Pro-Abortion

The National Abortion Rights Action League (NARAL) is trying to associate the pro-life movement with the White Nationalists who protested at Charlottesville.  This is a slander of staggering proportions.  As Elliot Kaufman shows, the Alt-Right favors abortion!  For the same reason that the founder of Planned Parenthood, Margaret Sanger did:  eugenics, improving the gene pool by aborting minorities and children who are “defective.” In his article Alt-Right & Abortion: Richard Spencer & Co. Uphold Margaret Sanger’s Eugenicist Legacy in National Review, Kaufman quotes… Read more

And now “rethinking” free speech

  The zeal to support the LGBT cause has led to a “rethinking” of the freedom of religion, with calls to limit religious liberty when it manifests itself in public disapproval of homosexuality.  Now the zeal to support the anti-racist cause and the revulsion against the white nationalists at Charlottesville has led to calls to “rethink” freedom of speech. Though the American Civil Liberties Union has become pretty much just another liberal interest group, on one civil liberty issue it… Read more

Today’s Iconoclastic Outbreak

Periodically in history, people get caught up in a cause that finds expression in destroying or getting rid of works of art. Read more

Back to the War in Afghanistan

President Trump in a prime-time national address re-committed the United States to war in Afghanistan.  Never mind that this directly violates his biggest campaign promise. In his speech, the president said that we would “fight to win.”  He said, “We are not nation-building again. We are killing terrorists.” The goal will be to reverse the gains made by the Taliban since the U.S. pullback under President Obama.   The president will reportedly send 4,000 troops to He 8,400 already there.  The President refused… Read more

Does the eclipse mean anything?

We are having a good time in Australia, but I greatly regret having to miss the eclipse.  Where we live in Oklahoma, the eclipse of the sun will be 90% total, which should still be quite a show.  Historically, though, eclipses were occasions of existential dread. It wasn’t that the ancients didn’t understand what eclipses were, the interposition of the moon blocking out the sun.  And they could predict their occurrence.  Ancient skygazers learned how to predict eclipses as early as 2300 B.C. … Read more

What cities have the best quality of life? 

The UK Economist has released its annual  “Global Livability Ranking” assessing the “quality of life” of the world’s major cities.  Terrorist attacks and civil unrest–including violent demonstrations in the U.S.–have brought down the rankings of many cities.  Overall, the world’s quality of life has declined from a score of 76.1% to 74.8% this year.  But there is a big reason to question this particular study, as well as other research just like it. Here are the top ten cities with the world’s… Read more

A modernist, a postmodernist, and a Lutheran walk into a bar. . .

We’re in Australia, where I’ve been doing quite a bit of speaking.  I just gave a public lecture at the Lutheran seminary in Adelaide entitled “The Modern, the Postmodern, and the Lutheran:  How Lutheran Christianity Can Address the 21st Century.”  (It draws on a book I’ve written with Trevor Sutton.  Much more on that when CPH releases it on October 31.)  Anyway, my wife said, “Your title sounds like a joke!  The Modern, the Postmodern, and the Lutheran went into… Read more

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