Terrorist attacks in New York, New Jersey, & Minnesota

On Saturday, a pressure-cooker style bomb in a dumpster went off in Manhattan, injuring 29 people.  Earlier, a pipe bomb in a garbage can exploded just after a 5K run in New Jersey. No one was hurt.  (Authorities are saying that there is no evidence as of right now that the bombings are the result of “international terrorism,”  as opposed to local terrorism.)

Meanwhile that day in St. Cloud, Minnesota, a man shouting Islamic slogans stabbed eight people in a shopping mall before he was killed by an off-duty police officer.  ISIS is claiming that the attacker was one of their “soldiers.”

Miraculously, in these three attacks, no one, other than the Minnesota terrorist, was killed.

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Pope plans to canonize priest killed by terrorists

Pope Francis says that he wants to make Father Jacques Hamel, the French priest killed by Islamic terrorists as he was celebrating mass, a saint.  The usual miracles are not necessary, it turns out, because Father Hamel was martyred for his faith.  The pope also said that the persecution of Christians is satanic. [Read more…]

Trump’s surge

Democrats and their media minions have been writing off Donald Trump’s chances–just as the other Republican candidates did. But now polls show that he has dramatically narrowed the gap with Hillary Clinton, who leads by only one percentage point, a statistical tie.  More importantly, Trump, who previously was way behind in the battleground states and thus in the electoral vote, now has a plausible path to the 270 electoral votes necessary to win.  Details on that after the jump. [Read more…]

Slow economy due to not enough government action?

A report from the Harvard business school argues that the reason the economy is growing so slowly is because of government inaction.  The government has been in a state of gridlock, so that the government can’t do what it needs to in order to make the economy grow.

Read the reasoning, after the jump.  This would be the Democratic diagnosis, as opposed to the usual Republican diagnosis that the government is holding the economy back.  Here, “regulation” is listed as one of the good things government does for the economy.  Whereas free marketers believe government regulation prevents economic growth.

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Church removes minister for her atheism

We have blogged about the case of the atheist pastor.  Gretta Vosper has been a minister in a Toronto congregation of the United Church of Canada, where she preaches atheism.  Contrary to my prediction, the plenty liberal denomination has finally removed her from office “because she does not believe in God, Jesus Christ or the Holy Spirit.”

Now comes the indignation.  In a story about the action excerpted and linked after the jump, a member who describes himself as “agnostic, an atheist, a non-believer” says that he wouldn’t be attending church if it weren’t for Pastor Vosper. [Read more…]

The woman who married her daughter.  And her son.

Here in Oklahoma, a woman is being charged with incest for marrying her daughter.  Eight years ago, she also got into trouble for marrying her son.

Carl Trueman thinks that he has some good arguments for her defense attorney to use. [Read more…]