The Tin Soldiers

Nov 2012 (Print Version or eBook available)

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Summary: This is daily spiritual formation for artists, youth pastors, speakers, students, and young family men. Each writing contains not only keen Biblical insight, but the author’s patented humor, pop culture references, and engaging, personal storytelling. The focus of this project is to provide an equally compelling and spiritually edifying piece of work which will appeal not only to men who are serious about their faith, but those who exist on the fringes of church culture, with whom standard church voices and Christianese do not resonate. These are writings for young men with short attention spans, and who are looking for an alternative to the stale “men’s books”–which are written by aging church voices with whom the emerging generations cannot relate.

Fame is Infamy

May 2012 (Print Version or eBook available)

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Summary: Our is a generation defined by a desperate search – For acknowledgment, self-esteem, and ultimately…purpose. In a time dominated by reality television, social-networks, and do-it-yourself celebrity, the world promises promises that the solution to our desperation can be found in prestige and notoriety. Yet, while most of us take the pills we are offered, we are left wondering why we still feel unsatisfied…

In FAME IS INFAMY, noted author, journalist, and songwriter Andrew Schwab confronts these issues with candor, wit, and clarity. This is not a self-help book, but rather a collection of parables, proverbs, and short stories which cut to the heart of our collective identity crisis, offering a spiritual solution to a spiritual dilemma.

It’s All Downhill From Here

(Print Version or eBook available)

Summary: After seven years of life on the road with his band, Project 86, Andrew delivers some of his highlights (and many of his lowlights) as he goes to war with disappointment, his bandmates, and himself on the path to finding meaning in the music industry. Far, far away from the cliche books with dull tour stories, this full-length collection delves deeply into the mind of a severely neurotic and paranoid lead vocalist with sidesplitting results as he unravels. However, amidst the laughter comes a powerful message of loyalty and integrity despite unimaginable obstacles and strained friendships along the way. And of course, it’s not without Schwab’s strategic commentary on everything that lies in his destructive path along the way. This one will tug at even the coldest of hearts…and that’s a promise.



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