The Superbowl and the Silencing of the Prolife Message

The Superbowl and the Silencing of the Prolife Message January 31, 2020

It’s Superbowl time again and that includes a myriad of highly-anticipated commercials. However, this year’s lineup of ads comes carrying some contention. The ads for this year’s Superbowl will include a controversial spot from Sabra Hummus featuring drag queens and LGBTQ activists, while the pro-life message is, once again, being drowned out. The organization Faces of Choice still has not received the go-ahead for their prolife ad, in which abortion survivors ask the impassioned question, “Can you look me in the eye and say I should have been aborted?”

It is said by many prolife groups that, “America will not reject abortion until America sees abortion;” however, the truth of abortion and the prolife voice will not be heard if their message is stifled by powerful media groups such as Fox Sports. Faces of Choice says they have been attempting to purchase a spot for their ad, which debuted at last week’s March for Life, but have gotten no response from the network. The founder of the Faces of Choice, Lyric Gillett, says, “we simply want to tell [abortion survivors’] forgotten stories and there’s no larger mega-phone than the Super Bowl. After months of correspondence with the Fox network, we are asking for a definitive answer immediately.” The group, along with My Faith Votes, is asking prolife supporters to contact Fox Sports by going to their Facebook or Twitter page to call for the network to allow the ad to air during the Superbowl.  They are also requesting that prolifers sign a petition begun by the two groups, which can be found here.

Gillett says Faces of Choice has a shortened version of the spot ready to run, should they receive approval before the Superbowl, which is this Sunday, February 2. If the ad fails to run, however, Gillett is encouraging everyone to view the video on You Tube instead and to turn off the ads during the game.


The snub by Fox Sports is the latest of a long list of attempts to silence the prolife message. Laws have been passed to thwart sidewalk counselors’ attempts to speak to women at abortion clinics about prolife alternatives. High school campuses are banning students from wearing clothing bearing any prolife message and from handing out prolife literature. On college campuses, prolife displays have been destroyed, and speakers who advocate against abortion are disinvited from campus engagements. Students who speak out for the prolife cause are isolated to tiny “free speech zones.”  This is not to mention the media’s practically ignoring the hundreds of thousands gathered in Washington DC each January for the March for Life. Despite these and other attempts by abortion advocates to silence the message, however, prolifers are passionate about defending human life and will undoubtedly continue to speak out.

(Image by 3D Animation Production Company from Pixabay)

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