Yule Candle Spell

Yule Candle Spell December 7, 2020

The month of December offers us an embarrassment of riches when it comes to celebrating. We’ve got the holy day of Saint Lucia, Saturnalia, Winter Solstice, Yule, Kwanzaa, Chanukah, and Christmas, just to name a few. You might look at this list and think, but these are all specific traditional holidays. And sure that’s true, but there is one thing all of these festivals and holidays have in common: the return of the light. In that spirit, I offer you this Yule Candle Spell.

Winter Celebrations

A theme of all of these winter holiday celebrations is candles. Whether electric candles, strands of twinkle lights, or good old fashioned wax candles, the light of a candle unites all of these holidays as a part of their winter acknowledgement. What is it about the light that is so important?

We humans need light, and I mean this in the form of sunlight. Vitamin D comes to us from sunlight, our food grows because of sunlight. All electric lights are a sympathetic nod to the power of the sun which we have harnessed and brought into our homes. Hail the mighty sun!

The candle (electric or otherwise) is a source of inspiration. It is a message of hope and blessing. A solitary flame can serve as a reminder of all that feeds us. A candle flame can bring a bit of heat and warmth in times when we are lost or cold. The light of a candle is a physical reminder of the power of the sun and the energy it brings to our world.

On the Winter Solstice we have the least amount of sunlight of the entire year. This Yule Candle Spell connects us into that powerful life force and helps us to remember our own blessings in the world.

Yule Candle Spell

Timing: This ritual is best performed at midnight on Winter Solstice. If that isn’t possible, be as close to the Winter Solstice as you can. This ritual needs to happen during the dark part of the day or night.

Supplies: For this ritual you will need a glass encased candle, colored glass markers or sharpies, a pinch of pine needles, three drops of peppermint oil, a lighter or matches, a screwdriver, and winter holiday decorations.

Set Up: Create an altar where you will perform this ritual. Use your winter holiday decorations in a way that is pleasing to you. Ideally, this will be a place where you can sit and be comfortable during the spell. Place the candle, markers, and lighter directly in front of you.

Ritual: Begin by taking a ritual bath. Take your time and wash away all that no longer serves. Release the woes and troubles of the year. Literally wash them all down the drain. Let this take the time it needs to, don’t rush it.

Dry off and dress in your ritual clothes or whatever is comfortable. In front of your altar, ground and center yourself. Cast a circle in your favorite way and call in any allies or deities that you would like to aid in blessing your spell.

At your altar, spend some time in contemplation of all of your blessings. Consider what blessings you want to carry forward into the spring and what new blessings you are inviting into your life. When this feels clear use these blessings as inspiration for decorating your candle. Draw images, write words, create sigils, follow your intuition.

When your candle decoration is complete use the screwdriver to poke three deep holes into the top of the wax, moving in a clockwise direction. Put a drop of peppermint oil into each of the holes and put the pinch of pine needles along the top of the candle. Don’t use too much, otherwise the candle won’t burn.

Turn off all of the electric lights or candles that you may have on in your ritual space. Sit in total darkness. Hold your candle in your hands and speak your blessings out loud, include the blessings that you want to call into your life in the coming cycle. Breathe and whisper these blessings into the wax of the candle.

Now just sit in the darkness and feel the comfort of it. Allow yourself to connect into the potential that can only come from the dark. Be in this space for as long as you feel called. When you feel ready, light the candle.

Let yourself sit with this solitary flame and see if any messages come through. Allow this process to take the time it needs. Watch the flame and feel the warmth and promise of the sun. Remember the connection of sunlight and life. Hail the sun!

Finally, thank the allies and deities that you invited into the circle and open and release the circle you cast. Let the candle burn (safely) as long as you can. Relight it whenever you need to remember your blessings or have blessings to celebrate and honor.

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