“Miss Representation”-inspired Series

After seeing the trailer for the movie documentary, “Miss Representation,”  I was inspired to focus my writing on issues of gender and women for a while.  I don’t have an end date for this focus, but I do plan to take a break every so often to write about other things, too…like Second-Graders and Truck Drivers.  In the meantime…here ya go!

1.  Multiple Choice – Watch the trailer and pay attention to your reaction.

2.  Beauty and the Beast – My personal methods of coping with unrealistic standards of beauty.

3.  Women in Da House – Not! – This blog resulted from a Miss Representation-drafted “Dinner Conversation” activity with my teen-aged daughter and her friend.  Main focus ended up on lack of female representation in Congress and its effects.

4.  HR-358 – Protecting Life?  Letting Women Die?  Neither?  – Couldn’t let the issue of abortion go by without a look.  The House of Representatives helped by passing this bill right as I was in the middle of this series.

5.  Small Comfort for Mothers, Fetuses and Jews – A friend sent me this Ray Comfort video after my previous post on abortion.  He attempts to liken abortion to the Holocaust.  I don’t let him.

6.  I’ve got the Pink Blues (The Great Pink v. Blue Debate)  – As my niece puts it, maybe we should cut pink some slack.

7.  Buy Pink Legos.  Please. – Turn the toymakers and ad execs intentions on their heads.

8.  Pink Legos – Part II – Willing to have my mind changed, but so far, my original premise is confirmed.

9.  Ya Got to Have Friends – Why going it alone is the wrong way to go.

Thank you so much for reading – and I would LOVE to hear any and all feedback.  🙂