Nationwide Needs to Apologize

Quick rant, if I may.There was a lot of panning companies who ran ads during the Super Bowl because they were so damn depressing. Apart from educating the public about the damaging decrease in self-esteem most girls suffer at puberty (#runlikeagirl) and portraying an incredibly powerful anti-domestic violence ad, (calling 911 for "ordering pizza") the rest of the commercials did their level best to impart heavy relevance to their otherwise emotionless products. Annoying and sad, yes. … [Read more...]

Weight Just a Minute…

Hi, people  -Boy, I am EXHAUSTED from all the posts I didn't do for National Blog Post Month! It almost makes me feel like I haven't accomplished anything since I last hit publish on November 23rd, or whatever that last date was...but I assure you - that is not the case.For example, I laid bare my feelings about my weight in a public way - and, apparently, in a way that resonated with many, many people. So, yay, me. Part of me still rages at the absolute cosmic injustice of the fact that … [Read more...]

Some Links You Might Like…

It's Sunday night and I have to wake up ridiculously early tomorrow and I still haven't written a post today, so I'm going to be lazy and direct you to other people I think rite and draw reel good. It goes without saying that there are waaaaaaaaaay too many people whose writing and art I admire to fit them all into one post, so maybe I'll make this a thing I do on a regular basis. As regularly as I can given the fact that I am about the farthest thing from regimented as one can be, but I'll … [Read more...]

The Dream and Young Frankenstein

PLEASE NOTE: ALL OF MY CHILDREN ARE FINE. However, this post contains material that some people might be painful for people who are sensitive to the subject of losing a child. So, in other words, everyone. But some VERY UNDERSTANDABLY more than others. If absolutely no one reads this because of that, I completely understand and I will have no hurt feelings whatsoever, I swear. Scroll down further if you decide to read the … [Read more...]

Adele Pisses off Musical Royalty

No, YOU missed five days of blogging for NaBloPoMo!Ermahgawd. Sorry, people.Anyhow, I wrote something that got published on The Broad Side, so I thought my blog post would simply consist of begging you to  click the link to get you over to that piece and read it. So, there ya go.HERE IS THE LINK! PLEASE CLICK HERE! IT TAKES YOU TO AN AWESOME THING I WROTE ABOUT ADELE AND BOB GELDOF AND I EVEN THREW IN A LITTLE PHIL COLLINS!!! CLICKCLICKCLICKCLICK!!!Also, here is a cool picture of … [Read more...]

Jesus Goes to the Dentist.

Sometimes parents avoid their children's questions. There are myriad reasons for this phenomenon...fatigue, discomfort, lack of maturity on the part of the child, lack of maturity on the part of the parent, and on and on.My parents rarely, RARELY did this. Even my father answered questions about sex (which made me want to puke - and him, too, probably, but he did a good job covering it up if it did.) I'll never forget one of our trips in the car.  It was on a Friday night, if memory serves, … [Read more...]

An Apology to Street Harrassers

Dear Gentlemen,Please accept my apologies for overreacting to your innocent attempts to "be friendly" and to your kind "encouragement" regarding my looks.I respect your goals of introducing love and improving my self-esteem in, what is too often, a cold, hard-hearted world. Why can't more men be like you?I've been watching you, and I was so pleased and impressed to notice that you direct your remarks to old men, women in wheelchairs, police officers, and toddlers who pass you by, so c … [Read more...]

A Phone Call at Buck’s Rock in 1982 (or sometime around there)

So remember how we used to get phone calls at Buck's Rock? If we got them, of course.  Rachel and I didn't often, because our parents were at the camp with us, which was awesome for so many reasons, but not so much when it came to mail, care packages and phone calls, but extremely great for when we got sick or an injury or wanted a treat sneaked to us from late night Counselor Snack or, miracle of miracles, a pizza from that place in New Milford or just a hug or someone to cheer you on in the … [Read more...]

Babysitting Training

My 10-year-old son loves babies and little children. He loves them so much he wants to babysit for them. I told him he would need to take a babysitter training course and become certified. A couple of days later, on the way to school, he said the following to me:Leo: When I think of babysitting training, I know it's about how to hold a baby and change a diaper and feed them and stuff, but I just get this picture in my head of a military-style training camp.  Like where you have to do things … [Read more...]

NotApologies 101

  Teacher: Good evening, Class! Last week we learned about the anatomy of an apology. It's sincere, it accepts responsibility and accountability, it doesn't contain any "buts" and it sometimes even outlines steps the apologizer might take to truly remedy a problematic situation.Tonight's objective is to master the tricky task of NotApologizing!Student: Ugh. When are we even gonna USE a NotApology?Teacher: You'd be surprised at how frequently NotApologies are … [Read more...]